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I understand why Miltos wants too shut the forum down ...... but why wait so long .... he could have shut the forum down 3 years ago, so why now?
shut down the sale part ..... can remember this was allready a toppic some years ago.

I love the cinehound forum, and I think it should stay online, even I am not using posting on ehre anymore. I do still use the forum the read old toppics, or to use it as reference.
it would be a pitty to delete the forum, because it is a document with loads of information about weird movies old formats etc. wouldn't know an other place were I can find this information.

what I really find sad, and I can read I am not the only one. that the forum is (raped) used by some members as their own personal sale platform. we all sold something on here, but some really abused the forum.

I have been thinking and starting (never ending)a few times on a website were I can display my video/movie collection. organising my tapes on country and label. perhaps it is a nice Idea to do this on cinehound. I am sure their are many more members here that would like to display their complete collection. gert-jan allready mentioned he just bought a new scanner.

the forum should stay, sale part should go.

lets start the use the forum as a video archive :up: :tapelove:

(I even changed my signature for this post ;) )
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