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Jun 28 2015, 09:13 AM
shut down the sale part ..... can remember this was allready a toppic some years ago.

...that the forum is (raped) used by some members as their own personal sale platform. we all sold something on here, but some really abused the forum.

the forum should stay, sale part should go.

Why are you (and some others) so offended by the sales topic? First of all it's easier to communicate. Second of all you know who the other contenders are. And then it's also used for trading....and sometimes there are rarities up for sale. Isn't it part of collecting strange and weird movies?
Maybe Cinehound was used in a different matter years ago...if you want it to be like that again, closing the sales topic won't change all that. Well...maybe it transformes into this great library it already is.

Anyway...in the end it's up to Miltos.
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