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As most of you know I am not a long time member and untill now I did not contribute much (read: nothing) to this forum.
When I first introduced myself, for a few days nobody would say hi or welcome me.
It was only after brucecampell dropped a line, some followed.

To be honest I also can understand what Miltos is thinking.. no post in any section.. just on the "for sale and what's that? for swap?".
As a newby collector I am also guilty for this business thing, I just want to buy, buy, buy.
Although I did not sell a single tape, I am willing to do so for a while now.
I am in desperate need for some space (bought a few lots).
The only thing that keeps me from doing this is because I have great respect to the people who were on this forum and into VHS collecting way before me.
Also I don't want to be seen as a "bandwagon/hype vhs seller/collector".

Anyway, I think we can all agree that Guy is a major player on his forum.
But as he states himself, he helps collectors to get their hands on some cool and rare tapes.
I believe he is one of the few (amongst Cees, GJ, and some others) who keeps this VHS collecting thing alive.
It's great how they keep on finding and selling tapes and I am very thankful for that.
Sure, they make some profit out of it but I think we should look at what brought them here in the first place.. tapelove :tapelove:

That is exactly what brought me here also.
All those sleepless nights, reading posts from long gone and looking at all those great and obscure tapes.. heaven

Thanks for reading

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