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I'm one of those people who also visited the forum daily. I also used the sale room a lot and did make some money, but it was honest money. Everything I earned immediately went out in buying new stuff for my collection. Trading was even more fun knowing both parties are happy as clam. Meeting great folks with awesome collections. The feeling we embodied the world of VHS collecting. A proud member of Cinehound. But just like others already mentioned, more and more tapes ended up in the sales topic. Folks that didn't seem to do it for the love, but for money. It is all based on a gut feeling, but this gut feeling was always shared by other members.

Also my activities for WOOF! and full time job and kiddo left little time for me to visit the forum. I agree with everyone the forum should stay and think it has a lot more to offer than facebook. I don't think us paying a small amount to Miltos will cure the illness of low attendancy. It will give him more time to keep the forum moving, but we should cure the lack of interest. And this is were it gets difficult. People spent all of their time on facebook and hardly have time for anything else anymore. I really can't find a solution in keeping this awesome forum alive, but at least I'll try and visit it more often. Let's use baby steps ;)

Keep it up Miltos!
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