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Btw, if you dont know what this thing actually does, here's a little story of my own experience several years ago

1. Bought some Blurays, lets call them Discs type A
2. Also bought a BD drive for my computer. It came with a LEGAL FULL version of PowerDVD
3. Playback of Discs A works fine
4. PowerDVD gets hacked. Its player certificate is revoked by AACS on Discs type B and following. A is now no longer produced
5. Keep buying Blurays. One of them is Disc type B
6. Insert Disc B in my drive. Disc B instructs BD drive to block PowerDVD
7. I can no longer play Blurays. Not only type B is blocked but also type A which I could play before
8. Go to PowerDVD website. No updates available. Please buy new version for $$$

So fuck AACS, this shit should be illegal

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