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Jack J
Mar 2 2010, 08:51 PM
You can actually check the Induna page to see if their DVDs/VCDs have subtitles or not. Unfortunately, I don't think any Indian VCDs are subbed, and many DVDs don't have them either. I believe the only VCDs that have English subs are HK films, either on HK VCD or on VCDs from other countries that use prints from HK. I basically blame the British; if they had stayed in India we would have had Bollywood films with burn-in English subs. 


SHADOW IN THE DARK sounds like fun. Where is it from?

Shadow In The Dark is from Thailand, it looks like it's from the 70s. Don't know more about it, it's not on IMDB or any other site I've come accross. Anybody else here have some more information about it ?

Wow! That Return Of The Evil Fox looks great! Have you watched it yet ? I'm wondering if the film is as good as the cover makes you want to believe.
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