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Lars Jacobsson
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What do you think of this nifty little DVD label? Personally I love them and think they're doing a grand job releasing that kind of forgotten american regional low budget horror film that Stephen Thrower writes so well about in NIGHTMARE USA and that nobody else in the DVD releasing business would touch with a ten-foot pole (except for shitty "grey area" companies). I mean, who else but a fan (with little respect, or knowledge, of common practice in the captitalistic marketplace) would release special edition DVD:s of a movie like DON'T GO IN THE WOODS or BOARDINGHOUSE? Kudos, Code Red!

My favorites in their catalouge include:
MESSIAH OF EVIL (one of the best american indie horrors ever made, highly atmospheric, original and surreal)
BOARDINGHOUSE (esoteric, bat-crazy SOV slasher/comedy(?) headfuck)
SOLE SURVIVOR (just like MESSIAH a great and original indie horror that's undeservingly forgotten these days)
THE STRANGENESS (20,000$ monster flick with lots of charm and unique sets that transcends the poverty row budget)
DON'T GO IN THE WOODS... ALONE! (gory backwoods slasher that's so amateurish and inept and confusing it could be watched as outsider art)
FABOULOUS JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH (lovely spanish Jules Verne fantasy, highly entertaining from start to finish)
WEEKEND MURDERS (really enjoyed this anglofilic giallo/whodunit)
SLITHIS (just your average 50s-style B-monster flick in 1970s hairdues and polyster suits but made with so much oomph and charm that you can't help to love it)

What's yours?
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