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Lars Jacobsson
Jun 24 2010, 06:27 PM
Jun 24 2010, 06:15 PM
Is Rituals (1977) still coming out from Code Red?

Who knows? They have a record of announcing titles that somehow never seem materialise. I'm not complaining too loud as I realise that they are under a lot of financial pressure since many of their titles are not selling and also that often the materials for these film are often not satisfactory for a good DVD release... but still it's pretty lame. I sure hope they get this one out on the market as it's one of the best backwoods slashers. I also hope they get THE VISITOR out before I chicken out and buy the italian disc...

Hopefully Rituals will see the light of day eventually.

Also I remember reading somewhere that Code Red is planning on releasing Romano Scavolini's Nightmare (1981). Would love to see this one too with cool extras!
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