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Chris K.
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The situation on the "Nightmare" release has become a huge nightmare for Code Red. According to those in the know at the A/V Maniacs forum, when Code Red obtained the original 16mm camera negatives of "Nightmare" they were badly stored and could not be used for a new restoration. The company had to restort to using various 35mm release prints that are said to be in decent condition.

The biggest issue is the interview with Romano Scavolini: he inisted on conducting the interview in Italian when he clearly could speak good English! After the interview was shot, Code Red was having a hard time getting it subbed. They were able to hire two guys to do the translation and the subbing, but apparently the two were a bad choice and screwed the whole thing up!

And, with the huge backlash of complaints from fans and the question of "Nightmare" being a possible non-selling release, it's unclear now if it will be released on DVD anytime soon. If you ever get a chance, check out Code Red's blog where you will find many badly written complaints from so called "fans" who are upset that "Nightmare" hasn't been released...even though Code Red perfectly explained on their blog the issues of the film elements and the Scavolini interview!!!
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