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What a great print to own! Very nice Miltos and looking in decent condition too!

I attended a festival back in the mid-1990s here in the UK where this exploitation classic was screened and "Uncle Joe" was guest. He brought along a near-pristine 35mm Italian language print that was not just uncut but THE longest edit ever screened anywhere! He had some extra footage for the lesbian sex in the tent scene and edited it into the film, making it a unique and extra-saucy experience!
The extra footage amounted to maybe a minute or so if i recall, maybe less or maybe more, and added little to the scene (or film) other than extended nudity and sexual coupling. But it was still nice to see and everyone appreciated the fact that "Uncle Joe" took the time to not only bring such a beautiful uncut print but add this footage (which was, i think, simply removed for pacing reasons maybe)...
There MAY POSSIBLY have been a slight extra few seconds of gore during one murder too. I can't recall well enough. May have to ask some people who attended with me if they recall whether this was the case. But i seem to recall a few seconds of lingering camerawork on a murder scene (possibly) that was originally not in the film...
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