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The End Of An Era?; don't pull the plug from Cinehound!
Topic Started: Jun 27 2015, 08:41 AM (1,636 Views)
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Well...it seems everybody that is still around here, uses the forum for different reasons.
Maybe a questionnaire amongst 'ex'-users may help to revive the forum...then again, I think a lot of collectors are just done collecting or debating movies. So do you want to keep it alive for this select club of die-hards, or attract new people...or kill it?
VHS ninja blog
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Why is there so much anger towards the sales topic?
As everyone knows I use this forum to sell my tapes although I scanned lots and lots of sleeves in at the Dutch vhs sleeves thread.
With all the tapes I sold here I made profit, yes, is that a crime?
Hopefully thanks to me lots of other collectors expand their collection.
If Miltos make a donation button I will of course donate.
I want to make trades too but nobody seems to have the tapes I'm searching for...
And like Juul said, if you will take away the sales section, will that suddenly helps to make people talk more about movies? I don't think so.
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To me there is nothing against the sales topic as I used it and probably will use it again as there is some stuff to shift but it is a fact that once the sales started instead of trading and it got a booming business on the forum(s) the essence of the forums what they were meant for got lost in there.
Cinehound let quiet about it but on Pre-cert there have been a lot of discussion about the fact that the forum has been become a Marketplace instead of an sharing tool of movies, information and knowledge.
It is not the sales so much but more the decline which came with it of the forum.
Years ago I could trade a Gestapo's last orgy against a Tiroler. These days if you propose such a deal you get to hear: your Tiroler is worth 5 euro and my GLO is worth 40 euro so I can't do that as much as I like that Tiroler to have in my collection.
And when people post pictures of their recent finds and put them for sale the next day it becomes clear what intention lies behind the hunting of tapes. I hunt tapes for selling purposes too but keep that anonymous and just put them where they belong.
Nothing is wrong with selling tapes, really not but I don't think a forum can thrive on that alone. And that is what has been happening.
It is there where it has begun. Money literally fucks up a lot in this world. In collector's worlds too.

It is too late to get the talking on again. But as can be read in the shoutbox: Miltos is thinking about shutting down the forum and that would be a bad day to many collector's.

Although it seems we have a discussion going on now and that is a start :cheers:

danogrumper's ebay sales

Infinitedepression tapesales
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I still think that a sales section is very good because lots of tapes showing up that people didn't see before so they could talk about it, which ofcourse is happening less, but you can't blame the sales section for that.
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[ * ]

As most of you know I am not a long time member and untill now I did not contribute much (read: nothing) to this forum.
When I first introduced myself, for a few days nobody would say hi or welcome me.
It was only after brucecampell dropped a line, some followed.

To be honest I also can understand what Miltos is thinking.. no post in any section.. just on the "for sale and what's that? for swap?".
As a newby collector I am also guilty for this business thing, I just want to buy, buy, buy.
Although I did not sell a single tape, I am willing to do so for a while now.
I am in desperate need for some space (bought a few lots).
The only thing that keeps me from doing this is because I have great respect to the people who were on this forum and into VHS collecting way before me.
Also I don't want to be seen as a "bandwagon/hype vhs seller/collector".

Anyway, I think we can all agree that Guy is a major player on his forum.
But as he states himself, he helps collectors to get their hands on some cool and rare tapes.
I believe he is one of the few (amongst Cees, GJ, and some others) who keeps this VHS collecting thing alive.
It's great how they keep on finding and selling tapes and I am very thankful for that.
Sure, they make some profit out of it but I think we should look at what brought them here in the first place.. tapelove :tapelove:

That is exactly what brought me here also.
All those sleepless nights, reading posts from long gone and looking at all those great and obscure tapes.. heaven

Thanks for reading

Edited by frozenworms, Jun 28 2015, 11:02 PM.
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No more Cinehound?

Wow, talk about a black summer. I come back almost every day.

And yes, mostly to see the sales topic. Great movies, sold by real movie-enthusiasts.
I gathered most of my collection through this forum.

Shit, I wouldn't know what to do if the forum were to close down.

On ebay and marktplaats there are sometimes crazy prices. Hardly a place to bargain with the sellers.


And to look at those great covers, because honestly, that's why we keep coming back: THE GREAT VHS ERA.

Any response from Miltos yet?

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It's interesting that people who are passionate about an old, somewhat redundant, format shift away from forums (an old and redundant format). This has nothing to do with people selling tapes here.

Forum posting is a pain in the ass when you want to add pictures. Facebook is easier and more likeminded people will find you, whatever group you start on there. This is not a thing of this forum specifically, but all forums.

With the years, and the information available thanks to place like Cinehound, people have become more knowledgeable about what stuff is worth. It's stupid to trade a EUR5 tape for EUR40 tape. I have made mistakes like this years ago and learned from it, but I've also had luck the other way round. So can't complain there.

By the way, I'm sure you are familiar with this: Years ago one would post a pic/sleeve scans of new finds, and in no time loads of people would bombard you with pm's, because they want that tape you just managed to get. In that regard the current situation is better. And more transparent.

Lastly, the economy is still a bitch! And the first thing that people do in such situations is getting rid of collectibles. Prices drop, et voila, you have a buyer's market. Same tapes I sold for figure X are now worth only 10-20% of that. To hell with that. I'd rather bin a tape, than send it to some vulture who offers EUR10 for a EUR50 tape, and his bid included fucking shipping (I'm not kidding, and this happened multiple times).

Anyway, did great trades here, sold some stuff, and bought some. Got info and knowledge of stuff I didn't even know about. But stuff changes, what do you do...
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[ * ]
My opinion & yes I am a complete stranger but here me out! :hello!:

I don't know the exact history of things that may have happened BUT what I do know is this forum often crops up when I am looking for information on unusual Asian horror films, specifically one time when looking for Thai films & again today whilst looking for information on witch with flying head films... it has come up on many other occasions as well. If I keep finding this place, others into obscure shit must be as well.

I help run a newish horror forum that is also a zeta one & its doing pretty well but we have loads of staff who are our core regulars... i would suggest adding more of your active & die hard members ad global mods & also upgrading the sites look ALSO at a glance & quick look round there are loads of cool codes you can add to make the place more user friendly... if the admin wants to sign up onto our forum & have a look round I would be more than happy to share any of our codes no questions asked!

Another thing about activity... i am on a fuck load of forums (all horror) & activity always drops this time of year... make some adjustments whilst its quiet then once you are all happy send out a group email blast explaining the changes & telling your gang to get their ass signed back in!

Very last thing. I noticed some comments about social media killing forums, this is true but at this moment in time for our site its the only place our new members come from, its a pain in the ass at first but something to consider.

"Klownz" :up:
Horror Mansion Forum
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I hear ya bro!!!!!

What pisses me off the most are 'new' collectors, filled with tons of cash who are too fucking lazy to trade or to SEARCH for tapes.
Insted, the bid 50 euros for a tape worth 10.

Man, I spend HOURS and DAYS, searching the flea markets, drivin' to the other side of the country for tapes.

And yeah, trading has tend to fade away, such a shame...I prefer a nice tape over money, too bad a lot of (new) collectors don't think likewise.
Oh and one thing I don't understand is that some guys buy tapes from second hand websites (for like 5 euro) only to sell them the next day for 25! That doesn't make sense...when I buy tapes on second hand website whom I already have, it's just for trading, not to make money. We the VHS collectors are a small family, too bad nowadays most of it wraps 'round the dollars/pounds/euros insted of tapes...
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I'd sure as hell would miss CH. I've made so many good friends here. "oops!:
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