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EGLIMA STO KOLONAKI (1959); The Best Greek Mystery Thriller Ever !!!
Topic Started: Dec 9 2006, 09:31 PM (1,341 Views)
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EGLIMA STO KOLONAKI (="Murder in Kolonaki")

Greek B/W crime mystery thriller directed by Jannis Aliferis in 1959.
Cast: Maro Kodou (Mrs Flora), Christos Tsaganeas (Kostas Floras),
Andreas Barkoulis (Dimitris Floras), Gelly Mavropoulou (Myrto),
Michalis Nikolinakos (Nassos Karnezis), Eleni Hajiargyri (Juliette),
Dionyssis Papayannopoulos (Delios), Stefanos Stratigos (Johnny),
Nasos Kedrakas (Sotiris)

Here we have the best Greek thriller ever, a movie similar with the best
Italians of that period, like those very first giallos...
Based on a novel by Yannis Maris, the best Greek author of crime liberature,
who wrote his books back in the 50s. His novels had a lot of theater & TV releases,
the most newer one is this year's "The Stories of Detective Bekas".

Detective Bekas was the main hero into his stories but here he makes his short
appearance only in the beginning and near the end of the film...The role of
the "detective"here has Andreas Barloulis as Dimitris Floras, the son of an
innocent man who has been accused for murder. He comes back from Paris
to discover the killer and resque his father. He cooperates with Dionyssis Papayannopoulos - an old man who beleives him.

A famous painter has been brutally killed in his house late at night.
A cheated husband (Kostas Floras) who visited him the same night is arrested by the police.
His son comes from Paris to find the real killer. But other murders start
along with his investigations.

I'm not here to give you all the story and finally tell you who the killer is.
The only thing I could tell you seriously is: WATCH THIS FILM !!!
A film with an excellent original plot full of twists and a great & really clever
solution. With a marvellous giallo music score by Kostas Kapnisis (the man
who gave us great epic & western soundtracks) that will haunt your brain for ever.
A strange B/W photography of cold & dark streets of Athens (most shots are at night). A killer dressed in black - a strange night shadow. Very good acting (even
Papayannopoulos is great as an amateur detective).
Suspense all the time, without useless talking scenes or dramas...Every scene, every word, every look brings more suspense & surprises. I saw the film (again) today with my wife, she told me it was the most scary Greek film she has ever seen. Fear, yes, I felt it when I saw it some years ago but I felt it again today.

Maro kodou (really beautiful here) plays a sexy wife/lover, Gelly Mavropoulou plays a nice girl (as always) and Stefanos Stratigos is a...gigolo.

For our foreign readers, Kolonaki is a place in Athens where rich & famous live.
But if you watch the film without subtitles you'll not understand a lot of the story...
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Well, you've sold me.
Sounds really incredible!
Worldweird Cinema
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I agree...sounds great stuff!
See what i mean, though? THIS is the kind of stuff Bill's ONAR FILMS shoud be putting out! I know he has some hassles lately with Turkish rights owners who have tried screwing him over, so why not turn his attention to releasing more homegrown cult-films such as this one?! I love the Turkish stuff as much as anybody. Only trouble is, now that Bill's ONAR FILMS and Pete Tombs' MONDO MACABRO have started showing interest and buying rights to release them, some of the filmmakers/rights owners are seeing potential to get fat and greedy and are starting to bump up prices or make alternate dealing behind the backs of others. So, maybe it is time to start releasing GREEK cult-films? Greece is a country that not even Pete Tombs has investigated the cult-film industry of, which is why i am at PAINS to try and convince someone...ANYONE...living in Greece who is a fan and expert of their homegrow cult-film industry to start writing a book on these films and start buying the rights and releasing DVDs of them! Otherwise, you will find that some genre writer from Britain or American will suddenly realise the gap in the cult-film market and either write a book on Greek cult-film or start buying up the right and releasing them on DVD (or BOTH!) and you will never stand a chance! Take my advice: whether it is Bill's ONAT FILMS or you personally as a fan...get off your asses and either get a book together (in English as well as Greek) or a small DVD label and get to work on securing your country's cult-film back-catalogue and history before it is too late! Because, i can promise you this...if YOU guys don't, then THEY will...and soon!

This Greek giallo sounds awesome and definitely something that would appeal is marketed correctly. First of all, a Greek DVD label (either ONAR or a new label) would need to have that "international flavour/worldwide cult-kitsch" style appeal and look about it in the style of it's sleeves and website. Secondly, it would be wise to promote the film as a GREEK CULT CLASSIC but also as a GIALLO. So, some form of marketing that capitalises on promotion of the DVD as a GREEK cult film but that also has that Italian GIALLO-style flavour about the artwork and promotion. English subs (or dub track, if they were ever exported) are a MUST and an English translated title running underneath the Greel title is a must also (unless you create alternate covers...one for domestic release of the DVD and the other for export).
If none of you Greek super-fans and experts have the money or inclination to try setting up a DVD label of your own (maybe a 'CINEHOUND' label? ;p) then i suggest emailing Bill about releasing more Greek titles, such as this one! Also, stuff like OI EKVIASTES (which i have an English dub version of...so there's your dub track if needed, right there...although, i would hope the director or rights owner would have archived any English dub track, unless it was created here in the UK), ANILIKES AMERTOLES and AMILIA, I DIESTRAMMENI...all of which i have, and that i would be interested in seeing get the remastered DVD treatment officially from a Greel company. Make your DVD and film industry healthier again by keeping your Greek cult-film heritage YOURS and keeping the profits on such titles domestic!

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Wayne, I'm very interest of your dub copy OI EKVIASTES :)

Yes, a book about Greek exploitation is a great idea, here we have only that GREEK EROTICA book and a few more with less quality, let's see who will make it first :D

As for DVD releases of Greek exploitation subtitled, well, a friend here has told me that he made a try but it seems that most copyright holders are a bit mad and they ask a fortune for their treasures. Could you beleive it? But it's 100% real.
Not Bill, another guy from the forum told me that in the summer...

CINEHOUND label is a dream but I suspect that dream could cost me a lot. OK, you release some rare titles and you're happy about it...but who's buying? Who pays? Also I cannot afford to do all the job myself, I have my life too. Maybe with a friend...who knows?

In fact I'm crazy enough to wake up one morning and say I"LL DO IT !!
That's it, it's always at a hidden corner of my mind you know :)
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As a wide old green-faced creature once told me: "Do, or do not...there is no try"...lol

I think the first steps towards setting up a label to release Greek cult-films would be to befriend some of the rights-owners and directors and then try to reason with them. I am not saying this would be easy...but it is definitely a necessity! The directors, especially, as you may be able to grab their interest and have them act as extra leverage in getting the copyrights for a more acceptable fee. It seems like a hard road to travel in Greece, where releasing your homegrown cult-films is concerned, but i am sure it would be worth it. I would serisouly try, if i were you, to track these people down and reason with them. Explain that even the films of someone like Lucio Fulci, who was a phenomenal International success in his career and known around the world...even HIS film rights only sell for small fees really, and that is to the Americans, who would have no interest in acquiring Greek films that they know nothing about and that have had no cult-following outside of Greece. The price for Greek cult-films would likely be closer to what Bill pays for Turkish film rights...and yet, Turkish films have a very small cult-following, whereas Greek films are still virtually unheard of outside of Greece. This is something they need to be taught. Whatever money they USED to make selling rights domestically or making profit on these films domestically is something they need to put into perspective within how the DVD industry works. DVD works totally different to VHS also, which means that even if Greek films made good money domestically in cinemas and also on domestic-release VHS, then they cannot hope to make the same sort of money on DVD unless exported. And i don't believe some of the old-timer would know how to tap into the export market as it is today with DVD. Greek cult-films WOULD get interest from collectors of gialli, erotic, horror, action, etc. as long as DVDs were marketed in a certain way that promotes the 'kitsch' value of them. Gialli on DVD are always promoted with their lurid poster art on the sleeve and with DVD sleeve design layouts and company logos that stand out in a striking, wild and tempting way. Can a Greek director or rights owner expect to make $10,000 selling his film rights to an American company like ANCHOR BAY? I seriously doubt it. The only interest in buying Greek film rights, it would seem, comes from WITHIN Greece, and they cannot expect to ask similar fees to what they would probably ask the Americans from their own countrymen! I would hope that Bill or someone else on here would look into the prospect of opening discussions with various rights holders for the Greek cult classics, even if talks were to go on for months. If a director has made a dozen great cult films, then even selling them for less than he expects/wants to will allow him to garner a small profit on these films rather than making no money off them at all. This would allow the director a small retirement fund or even money to put towards funding a small, low-budget film (maybe after not having made one for years). Or, they could negotiate fees for the rights and request a small percentage of the profit also. Either way, there is a strong possibility that those films will remain ignored for generations if they want to be greedy (or, rather, misinformed...or maybe simply just living in an era they do not understand and beieve to be as profitable for them as 20 or 30 years ago!)...

As for the book idea, why now have ALL Greek members on here provide reviews for Greek cult films in their collections, along with running times, large sleeve scans, cast & credit info and other info they can come up with and see where it goes? This way, no ONE person is doing all the work and struggling to make a book...you would ALL be contributing! All you would need is someone to give editorial advice on length of reviews (to keep all reviews of simliar length, etc.), scan resolutions, whether wording needs touching up or reviews are good enough in general, etc.
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...and, yes...as soon as Xmas is done-and-dusted and i have my DVD burner (which will have to do until i can get a replacement DVD recorder to back up all my VHS and TV stuff), we will discuss some trades. OI EKVIASTES (aka "The Abductors") is fomr a very rare British pre-cert VHS release that is the only currently known-of version that was released on video in English dub version! I'm sure this one must have a sleeve and other info over on www.pre-cert.co.uk

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I'm so glad you like it.I was sure I was the only person on earth adoring this film.I haven't read Maris never but the film is one of my Greek favourites.I first saw it on TV many years ago.Some months ago I found it at Pireaus.It was one of those cheap DVD offering for free with a crappy magazine.I bought it for 3 Euros only,there were five more DVD but I throw them all away and I kept just that.I've seen it three more times since then,the two with some friend.They all liked it,I suppose I didn't let them to choose different! :)
Also I agree with what you said about Maro Kodou.I don't like that lady at all,she's very cold for my taste,but into this film she's really very sensuous and beautiful.Maybe because she's very young,I don't know.
Movie fanatics from abroad should see this film but there isn't any english subtitled version to help them understand the story!
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Deleted User
Deleted User

I turned Monastiraki upside down and I finally found it. Disc was in very bad condition but what can I do?
Excellent thriller as you said and even better. I feel like a fool because I was ignoring this film. I don't remember the book because I've read all Maris books back in my 18s but the story has one of the most clever endings I couldn't never imagine. A highly inspired film with no weak moments, strange for a Greek movie. Or I could say it has only one small weak point, why the couple think that shadow is the killer? They're at that cafe accidently and that shadow could be anybody stranger...or I miss something?
But that's nothing of course, even the best giallos have more weak points, the film is great!
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Interesting news - The new episode of BEKAS on Alpha channel will cover this story here...I wonder how theyb have shot it but I doubt it could be as good as the 1959 film !!
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[ * ]
If you remember in another thread me and trash online wrote about how stupid and careless are the greek distributors and copyright holders.
Believe me here in this country is easier to release a film coming from new guinea than releasing a greek one!!!!!
I can give you some reasons for that:
1)The copyright holders demand insane amounts of money for films that will barely make their own cost of releasing
2)Believe it or not many of the crime and exploitation films from the 70's are considered LOST and I mean TOTALLY LOST.No Surviving betas,no 35mm,no vhs,no NOTHING.The reason?Lack of interest from the distibutors,boredom(yes indeed!),bad organisation etc
Imagine that I heard from a guy who was working in a Film warehouse that some films were LITTERALY THROWN TO THE GARBAGE due to lack of space!!!!!!
3)Some of the surviving material is in very bad shape.Others are full of grains when others have no soundtrack at all!!
So as you see you can wonder yourshelf.Why someone bother to release something from greece in very bad shape and pay a fortune???
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