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Topic Started: Jun 20 2008, 06:37 PM (7,376 Views)
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I got a new Sunrise tape in today and made an overview pic of all the 1st gen (red) tapes I (still) have on this label.
top three: nice original big box ex-rentals of "sex with a smile", "venetian black" and "the day time ended"
below first two: original ex-rentals without big box and with cut sleeve as a consequence: "bomb at 10:10" and "wacht niet django, schiet"
then an original big box VCC tape of "Heavy Cat" and a tape without box/sleeve of "the devil's possessed"

I decided to start a new thread for this label because most collectors, Dutch and foreign, like these babies. The second gen sleeve variants were also very heavily bootlegged, proving the popularity of the titles on the label and the reason why collectors chooce for the 1st gen to be sure of originality (besides them being older and more beautiful :)). Hidden inside the now massive Dutch VHS sleeves thread is a list we started of all 1st gen releases. This list has been added to greatly after Videohunter dropped it in the pre-cert forum (mostly by emieloftherose). Since that forum is not open to non-members I will now re-claim our list with the added titles! :)

01 Gang of the "Fare" West, The 1972 Sergio Corbucci Sonny and Jed
03 macabre
04 Sex With a Smile No2 1976 Sergio Martino
05 The Day Time Ended, John "Bud" Cardos
06 Dr Jekyll Likes ´em Hot 1979 Steno
07 sex with a smile
08 Blacula 1972 William Crain (nb movie is actually Scream Blacula Scream)
09 return of the streetfighter
10 one man jury
11 Too Late the Hero 1970 Robert Aldrich
12 heavy cat
15 Slavers, Jürgen Goslar
16 Castle of Blood 1970 José Luis Merino Killer in the Castle of Blood
17 Don't Wait Django Shoot
18 Fighter Pilots 1977 Franz Marx Wing Commander
19 cobra
20 Thunder Over El Paso 1972 Roberto Bianchi Montero
21 The angel and the beasts
22 cobra 2
23 arrizona on earth
24 cuba crossing
25 "Karate from Shaolin Temple" - Hideo Nanbu
26 disco fever
27 Un Treno per Durango (Train for Durango)
28 cruise missile
29 the brothers
30 montana trap
31 daredevil drivers
32 operation cross eagles
33 battleflag
34 last train to berlin
35 karate wars
37 black sands
38 bomb at 10:10
39 flashpoint africa
40 Massacre at Central High 1976 Renee Daalder
41 Bloody Payroll 1976 Mario Caiano
42 Dont Torture a Duckling 1972 Lucio Fulci
43 they called him verity
44 Venetian Black 1978 Ugo Liberatore Damned in Venice
45 Gambling City 1975 Sergio Martino
46 House on the Edge of the Park, The 1980 Ruggero Deodato
47 Case of the Girl in the Yellow Pyjamas, The 1977 Flavio Mogherini
48 silent action
49 Dirty Gang, Stelvio Massi
50 Four Billions in Four Minutes 1976 Gianni Siragusa
52 death ray
53 Primitif 1978 Sisworo Gautama Putra Savage Terror
54 A Cry in the Dark 1975 Elo Pannaccio Cries and Shadows
55 Star Pilot 1966 Peter Francisci
56 Emptiness All Around, The 1969 Javier Seto Shadow of Death
57 La Padrina / Lady Dynamite 1973 Giuseppe Vari
58 Holocaust 2 1980 Angelo Pannacco
59 nightmare city
60 Sandokan, De Tijger van Borneo 1963 Umberto Lenzi Sandokan the Great!
61 La Malediction de Frankenstein 1972 Jess Franco Erotic Rites of Frankenstein, The
64 Machismo: 40 Graves for 40 Guns 1971 Paul Hunt
65 inferno in paradise
68 too hot to handle
69 meat is meat
70 hitch hike to hell
72 booby trap
73 young and free
74 kidnapped coed
75 Dracula´s Saga, The 1972 Leon Klimovsky
76 Frankensteins Castle of Freaks 1974 Robert Oliver
77 Saturday - Sunday - Friday 1979 F. Castello, P.F. Campanile, S. Martino, G. Moccia
78 Night of the Sorcerers, The 1973 Amando de Ossorio
79 The secret sex lives of Romeo and Juliet
80 the notorious cleopatra
81 the possessed -de ossorio
83 Dracula´s Great Love 1972 Javier Aguirre
85 Lorely´s Grasp, The 1974 Amando de Ossorio Night when the Screaming Stopped, The
86 exorcism
87 Horror Rises from the Tomb 1973 Carlos Aured
88 Devils Possessed, The 1974 Leon Klimovsky
89 Werewolf and the Yeti, The 1975 Miguel Iglesias Night of the Howling Beast
93 Malenka 1969 Amando de Ossorio
94 Vengeance of the Zombies 1973 Leon Klimovsky
95 the college girl on vacation
97 Ballad of Death Valley (Sartana nella valle degli avvoltoi)
98 Queen for Ceasar, A 1962 Piero Pierotti, Viktor Tourjansky
99 Hercules Challenge, Alberto de Martino
100 Adios Gringo 1965 Giorgio Stegani
101 the trojan war
102 Deadly Revenge 1971 Roberto Bianchi Montero Eye of the Spider
104 Don't play with tigers.
105 Massacre in the Black Forest
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I think I'm into trading Achtung! the desert tigers on an old red Sunrise tape. I assume that is on of the open numbers?

danogrumper's ebay sales

Infinitedepression tapesales
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hope so, would be great to see this list complete one day :)
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The Red Sunrises are lovely! I used to have quite a few, but now only have STAR PILOT left and HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB with a cut down cover....
Sold this one just the other day, keeping the sell-tape version i´ve had even longer though... still was hard to part with it, but i need to eat....
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I suppose no-one has Primitif for sale?
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i used to have it, but it also had a cut-down cover.... swaped it for a couple of beers at a filmcollector-party about a month ago.
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Here's the listing for Sunrise in my old Dutch video guide.
Not all of them released as those old red releases, but it can maybe give
an idea what's hiding behind the missing numbers.

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So how are Video Movie Sunrise and VML related? I'm especially curious about Abducted Bride, the alternative title for Dvaergen/The Sinful Dwarf. The only Dutch release I know of is from VML, called 'Teenage Bride' on the cover but carrying the onscreen title 'Abducted Bride'. I noticed both 'Teenage Bride' and 'Abducted Bride' are listed in that catalogue. Confusing.
Danish tapes for trade
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they are both labels of the same owner, located in the city of Leerdam.
Sunrise seems to be the 'umbrella' name, above listed as Video Movie Sunrise.
VML is an acronym standing for Video Movies Leerdam. My guess is this listing contains movies released not only on the VML and Sunrise Tapes labels but also "International Video" (another Sunrise label focussing on kungfu and other Asian movies) as I recognise many titles from these three labels.

As for the Sinful Dwarf. I also only have seen a release on VML before. It might be that the movie is listed under both titles in this catalogue for that one release on the VML label or that there are Dutch releases under both titles (on VML and the other maybe Sunrise Tapes) but my guess would be the former.
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Thanks for the info, Sunrise certainly had an impressive range of titles. I'd like to see some covers on the 'International Video' label.

As for Abducted Bride/Teenage Bride, I agree the VML tape is probably the only version they released. I hunted this tape for ages and asked a lot of people, who I assume would have known if there were other releases. As you probably know, 'Teenage Bride' is actually a movie directed by Gary Troy, and the artwork and stills on the VML cover is from that movie, not Sinful Dwarf/Abducted Bride. Do you happen to know if Sunrise did release the film by Gary Troy?

Danish tapes for trade
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