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Topic Started: Dec 19 2008, 10:59 AM (34,341 Views)
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Dec 22 2008, 12:51 AM
I wouldn't agree that most British DVD releases are still cut these days. Far from it in fact!
The main things to fall foul of the BBFC these days are porn titles to be honest. Since XXX films have been legalised here around a decade ago the BBFC tend to only cut scenes in such titles that are deemed to be representative of sexual or sexualised violence and things such as choking, heavy gagging, under-age references (such as someone talking to a performer as if they were under-age, etc.) and things like that. Female ejaculation is forbidden also as the BBFC conducted research into it with the help of various people in the medical field and other fields of expertise and their conclusion was that such a thing does not exist (just when you think they have become more liberal they display an amazingly medieval attitude towards something that almost sets women's lib back to day one again!).

Horror films and other violent and exploitational material is mostly left unscathed these past few years unless it is deemed to have some kind of genuinely dangerous or worrying 'trigger' possibilities (all based on research they constantly do amongst various psycholigists, social care workers and other experts). THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT was finally granted a release a good few years back with just a matter of seconds trimmed. It was recently re-released fully uncut for the first time ever here (an amazing 3-Disc DVD edition that is by and far the ULTIMATE edition to own). SALO is available here fully uncut and uncensored. The HOSTEL films are uncut.

Basically, anything with disembowellment, dismemberment, decapitation, eye-gouging, throat-cutting/ripping, cannibalism, brain-squashing, etc, etc, etc. is not even blinked at these days. The types of films that usually fall foul of the scissors of the BBFC are the likes of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (the aforementioned sexual-violence worries and animal cruelty, which the law ensures is illegal to show whether the BBFC wanted to pass such scenes or not), I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (gratuitous rape shown in an almost glamourised/titilating manner and with horrific sexual violence), AI NO CORRIDA (the shot of the little boy having his penis tugged at by the mentally unbalanced female character is illegal here under child protection and obscenity laws, so the BBFC have no choice but to censor such imagery in defense of under-age participants and possible unwillingness, etc.), MURDER-SET-PIECES (all the raging sexual violence, ramgaging tone of misogyny, etc. is something the BBFC guidelines aim to ensure does not reach the public), etc.
As you can see, there is a real attitude towards feeling that extreme sexual violence in films is POSSIBLY harmful to CERTAIN elements of society and so should be removed. Sexual violence CAN be shown and depicted but only if done so in a manner that is seen as not glamourising it, making light of it or being excessive. If justified due to context or it is handled in a certain manner, it is allowed...

But very few scenes of standard gory violence, however graphic, are blinked at these days.
Violence is pretty much left alone, as is sex. But the combination of the two raises eyebrows at the BBFC and they tend to sharpen their scissors and cut a large amount of titles that go through them that have this heady cocktail of explicit compounds...

Wanyon, thanks for the insight on the BBFC as of late, as I , like Milto's have shyed away from many British releases thinking the same way, that alot of the newer releases of film's on DVD must still be cut versions, eddie
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