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Ocean Shores; Which ones do *you* have?
Topic Started: Jul 18 2009, 02:09 PM (29,838 Views)
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Years back I started trying to catalogue all of my VHS tapes. One of the labels I started on but never finished was Ocean Shores. Here's the beginning of my collection; I have a bunch more still packed away at my parents' house that I still need to get the spine #s of -- I found these while digging out my old Wizard RETURN OF THE ZOMBIES tape, haha. (I know I had lent Linn Haynes 20 or so others, but unfortunately didn't write down titles or catalogue numbers. Some rare stuff, too!) Do any of you guys have any to contribute?

Ocean Shores (VHS)(OS-):
045: Shaolin Deadly Kicks (Flash Legs)
051: When the Kung Fu Hero Strikes (The Virgin Mart)
052: Fatal Needles vs. Fatal Fists
068: Bruce, Kung Fu Girls
073: The Victim
083: Wicked Wife
089: Tiger Jungle
094: Heroine in the Dust
101: Tough Guy
104: Green Killer
132: Little Hero
142: Jumping Ash
147: Hit and Run
152: Two Crippled Heroes
159: Of Cooks and Kung Fu
172: The Fool Escape
180: Flash Future Kung Fu
182: Shaolin vs. Ninja Guard
200: Wolf Devil Woman
202: Miraculous Flower
203: Love in Chinese Style
204: The Devil and Angel
216: The Comedy
217: Yellow Peril
218: Brutal Sorcery
232: Shanghai 13
235: The Guardian
236: Imperial Sword
252 Jade Dagger Ninja
261: Cop Killer (The Trap)
262: Crocodile Evil
265 Samurai Blood, Samurai Guts
269: Manhunt
270: Shaolin Vengeance
271: Shaolin Death Squads
272: Budo Wing
273: The Clan of Righteousness
274: Point the Finger of Death
275: Gold Snatchers
276: The Four Invincibles
277: The Vigilantes
278: Fatal Strike
279: Black Panther
280: A Girl Called Tigress
281: Two Cavaliers
282: Knight Errant
283: Ma Su Chen
284: Seven to One
285: One by One
286: Bruce, Kung Fu Master
287: Tiger and Crane Fists
288: Duel with Death
289: The Rape After
296: Shaolin Thief
297: Bloody Ring
299 The Young Bruce Lee
300: A Hard Way to Die
301: Bruce, D-Day at Macau
302: Super Power
303: Kung Fu Zombie
304: Kung Fu Executioner
305: Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave
306: A Fistful of Talons
307: Crystal Fist
308: The Big Risk
311 Mission Kiss and Kill
316: Kung Fu 12 Kicks
319: War of the Shaolin Temple
325: The Master of Death
326: Super Kung Fu Kid
327: Sharp Fists in Kung Fu
328: Ninja Swords of Death
329: The Seven Indignant
330: Ninja Mania
332: The Noble Samurai
333: The Kung Fu Kid from Peking
334: To Subdue the Evil
335: Super Dynamo
339: Samurai Sword of Justice
340 The Lost Samurai Sword
341 The Samurai
356: Ninja Checkmate
359: The Ninja Pirates
360: Spiritual Kung Fu
364: Devil Fetus
375: Split of the Spirit
384: The Rebellious Reign
396: Triad Savages
416: The Young Hero of Shaolin
432: Story of Drunken Master
455: The Women of Wrath
461: Kung Fu Kids 3
474 Secret of Tai Chi
475 The Dragon Returns
480 Women Prison
484: Mr. Possessed
552: The Demon Fighter
554: Tai-Chi Master
560: The Boxer's Last Stand
563: Honeymoon Killer
585: Blood Ritual
620: Fire on the Great Wall
644: Bury Me High
661: Seeding of a Ghost
675: Girl with the Diamond Slipper
Omni (OV-):
103: Great Escape from Women's Prison
108: Ten Brothers of Shao-Lin
113: Fast Fists
115: The Invisible Terrorist
133: Dumb Boxer
135: The Hot, The Cool, and the Vicious
145: Last Duel
148: I'm Madly in Love
152: He Has Nothing but Kung Fu
005: Revengeful Swordswoman

Spine #s not available:
Attack of the Joyful Goddess
Infernal Street
Land of the Brave
The Lost Kung Fu Secrets
Mission Kiss and Kill
Ninja vs. Ninja
The Nobel Ninja
One Armed against Nine Killers
Return of the Kung Fu Dragon
Scorching Sun, Fierce Winds, Wild Fire
Showdown with Death
Spirits of Bruce Li
The Warrior from Shaolin
The Woman of Wrath
Cinema Arcana
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Covers found online:

068: Bruce, Kung Fu Girls
359: The Ninja Pirates
Cinema Arcana
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My WOLF DEVIL WOMAN is dubbed.
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I've updated the VHS list with all the catalog #s we've uncovered. Great job, guys! There's some primo stuff in there -- but lots more to find!

Yes, some of the Ocean Shores tapes came in standard small cardboard sleeves, but I believe it was only the earliest catalog #s.

My tape of TWO CRIPPLED HEROES came with an "Also Available" insert listing 20 or so other releases like SUN TZE'S ART OF WAR, OF COOKS AND KUNG FU, EUNUCH OF THE WESTERN PALACE, etc. I can't remember if it contained catalog numbers or not. I'll have to check next time I dig it out.
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Omni Video and WW (I completely forget what this stands for... Western something?) are offshoots of Ocean Shores. The covers use the same basic template, but have a different numbering prefix.
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