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These are the rules that must be followed at all times, if any of these rules are broken you will be suspended or Banned.

1.You should never flame or disrespect any other member.

2.Do not spam, if you want to spam we have a spam center where you can post all you like.

3.Please dont double post theres no need if you need to mak an edit there is an edit button.

4.Please have meaningful posts for example don't just post "okay" or "lol".

5.Do not PM advertise to anyone.

6.Do not post any links or pics that contain pornagraphic material you will be banned.

7.You may not discuss anything illegal such as Warez, Roms, Emulators etc.

Extra Rules

1.Dont spam the chat box

2.Please try not to cuss so much it's okay to do it just not all the time nor towards anyone.
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