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Deso 2005
Topic Started: Monday, 4. May 2009, 15:01 (1,765 Views)
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Deso Interview 2005

What do you write?


What crews do you represent?


Who do you write with?

CHATS, UNDER, ANGLO, NANG, MEW, NOW, PROM, FURIE, FUBER, VAUX, PAL, SILK, BOOM, VICE, JELA, ARSE… probably missed a few heads but you get the jist, basically any heads that are safe and have fresh styles or something to share.

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What made you want to start graffiti art?

My mates were into it.

What writers do you respect and why?

DDS, for kicking it all off and still representing to this day
Neas, paints pure amount of trains and has some fresh styles
Steaz for shotting paint cheap out of a rucksack
Mila for that baaad acapella about graf down at the HQ jam.

How long have you been writing?

2 years proper, before that it was just tagging on street corners n shit. Didn’t even write deso.

Think you will be still writing in 4 years time?

Of course! Unless I get shift, even then it would take a lot to give it all up. It’s a lifestyle and it’s addictive as hell.

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What is your favorite paint? And why?

Montana for colours, burner chrome n coversall blacks for dubs

Where do you get your paint from?


What do you use to make your stainers or do you prefer to buy them?

Never really got into all that concocting. Tried to make some nice stainer once by mixing inferno, dylon, fibbings and sum next shit but it just fucked up the pen. Now I just stick to inferno.

What is your worst graffiti experience?

Hmmmmmm… The other day me n two other fellow writers were in this yard where the trains are caged in by one of them 3 spike fences. Just finished filling in, thinking that this was gonna be one of my best pieces, when we hear some crazy bang/twang noise… some trackie man was lobbing rocks at the fence yelling ‘Fuck off you cunts!’ Anyway, we ran through our hole in the fence past the trackie man, who was luckily quite an appalling shot, and down tracks to safety.

Posted Image

What is your favourite legal wall?

My mate got some pieces of wood and put them at the back of his garden in some forest place and they got peiced, that was quite a jam but a bit limited. BEST LEGAL would probably have to be at some school in Tufnell Park, huge walls for massive productions.

What do you prefer legals or illegals? And why?

Definitely illegals… although you gotta be quick and it is often hard to see exactly what you’re doing it’s all about the buzz!
Legal walls are all good for nice crisp pieces and trying out new styles.

What are your views on the UK graff scene?

I love the style we got going on here but let’s face it… there are so many shit writers out there because graffiti has become insanely fashionable for some reason. My mate came back from Europe and couldn’t stop talking about the scene over there, apparently everyone has a different style and they all do full colour burners over there… sounds good to me.

What do you think of this website?

There’s bare flicks. It’s nice to see that the creator is dedicated enough to visit all ends to get flicks.
I’m feeling the variety that this site has as well, not many other sites have graffiti related articles archived.

Posted Image

Who's most up in london?

Oker n Dels are up bare, mostly just with them throw ups.
Neas and the DPM are up quite a lot aswell, shame the two are at war really.
ATG are the north London DPM.
DDS hardly even need to be mentioned, undoubtedly kings.

Any other words?

Filling it and Killing it.
It’s all about the steel!!!!!!


To all the writers mentioned above. And props to the creator of this site.

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