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Jok 2004
Topic Started: Monday, 4. May 2009, 15:09 (2,006 Views)
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Jok Interview (2004)

What do you write?


What crews do you represent?

Gw an 1010

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Who do you write with?

alot of different people mainly the people in gw an 1010crew

What made you want to start graffiti art?

My bro used to do it wen I was younga an I fort id give it ago

What writers do you respect and why?

All the writers out there who are causing damage an vandalism wether they are good or bad

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How long have you been writing?

Been writing properly for about 2 years

Think you will be still writing in 4 years time?

Maybe? who knows?

What is your favorite paint? And why?

Montana cos its easy to control an cums out the best

Where do you get your paint from?

Any where possible

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What do you use to make your stainers or do you prefer to buy them?

I dnt really use stainers any more

What is your worst graffiti experience?

me an noys was doin a full colour two man hole car and wen we had almost finished we herd voiceís! noys being noys sent me to investigate so I walked to the front of the train an wot did I see 2 uniformed police crouched down ready to chase us so I shouted run to noys. so we both sprinted up the train platform with the 2 police behind us an we managed to get on the tracks next to the yard so the police stopped chasing us cos they was scared to cross over the tracks. Anyway we ended up being chased round sum estate for about 20 mins by police cars b4 jumpin on a bus an getting away. OH AN IF ANY ONE GOT FLIKS OF OUR TRAIN PLZ TRY AN CONTACT ME OR GraffLondon, AS I DIDNíT GET A CHANCE TO TAKE A FLIK MY SELF!

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What is your favourite legal wall?

Grove park wen it was there

What do you prefer legals or illegals? And why?

Illegals by far cos of the buzz an there more fun

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What are your views on the UK graff scene?

Ok I suppose getting a bit shit at the moment was better wen I was jus getting in to graff

What do you think of this website?

Looking fresh keep the fliks cumin in

Who's most up in london?

Dnt hav a clue! probly dels with his frowup

Any other words?



Out to gw 1010 hcs an iws crews

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