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Kero 2005
Topic Started: Monday, 4. May 2009, 15:24 (2,224 Views)
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Kero Interview 2005

What do you write?

Kero, KiRo, KeArO.

What crews do you represent?

hmmm... K.T.O, S.B, P.S, I.P.N n a few others

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Who do you write with?

My team...kistra, case, dfie, rifz, earl, tase, terfa, veko, aces, my boy from australia GINZ coming back soon, n couple man all over

What made you want to start graffiti art?

Dunno ive bin feelin graf since about '97, n a couple of my boys did graf like force dis OLD skool writer i knew.... he woz fuckin sick truss, i first picked up a tin n went bombin about 2000 n bin writin ever since on n comes first ya na.

What writers do you respect and why?

i respect writers like tase, fume, zomb... i bet everyone says THEM! but dem man dere have alwayz bin GRIME n r real guys dat respect Graff period n not just who u bomb with. i respect my nig kist cos he got up in a matter of a year wiv just straight destruction of anything moving! i respect alot of other writers but cant fink smoke 2 much green.

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How long have you been writing?

boy.... about 6 yearz! but bin stingin tubes n trainz for about 4-5 yearz

Think you will be still writing in 4 years time?

.....dunno... Weneva i'm happy wiv dat amount of dough im stackin i'll spend my time doin Graff! nah serious yeah i will on n off cos its in my blood n i cant get away from it!

Where do you get your paint from?

i know a few shops that will let us take it for free, but when i cant rack it i will buy it.

Posted Image

What do you use to make your stainers or do you prefer to buy them?

i used 2 rack bare fibbins n leather dye n mix dem up... i had AGGIE stains! but i also bought inferno n coreo off steas in da angel inslington days (only da real will no wot i mean)

What is your worst graffiti experience?

uuuummmm.....had bare chases! but da chases were funny rather den scary. probably on at waterloo after i done da lay up wiv skeam case kist n a couple nxt man n i bopped as cross da track n just c i a train wiv da light off breezin 2wardz me but i dodged dat! mt heart woz poundin! but now i find it funny.

What is your best graffiti experience?

i dunno! fuckin hell. probably wen i woz out wiv all dem cms boys silk rosk kilem n dat wiv my team n we went 2 a couple yards n lay-ups but dey were all hot, den it started gettin light n we went 2 morden n it woz live-o! we done almost 3 window down cars! kist n case done a fuckin deep 'artsik (kistra backwards) mr caser window down but we didnt get flikz cos silk went on tight wiv his camera!
fuck you for that silk

What is your favourite legal wall?

favourite legal wall??? hahahahaha! well deptford bridge if dats legal. we all used 2 link up dere.. anie, puno, khanz, astek, zoned, all my boys bare man! we used 2 paint dem play a dirty game of football!

Posted Image

What do you prefer legals or illegals?

Ummm. legals cos it takes alot of guts n do dat shit, hardcore! hahaha yeah rite ILLEGAL 2 da death mate, any1 can keep buyiin paint, paintin in peace for months n get good. wots da point?! but i do respect ppl like ASTEK who take it 2 another level. respect bro.

What are your views on the UK graff scene?

its sorta dead now cos bare shits hot, but about da past 3year iz been dope, every1 woz blazin dem dayz

What do you think of this website?

it represents london in 2005, unlike bomb alert 3 (fuck dat) all da real ppl who get out dere n do their shit new and old.

Who's most up in london?

dunno, kist is bare up. zomb take n dem man r still everywhere


Yeah big up all my graff collegues hahahaha. shoutz.. case, kistra, mare, mist67, rifz, terfa, gusto, earl-y, dfie n lil dfier, mesk, puno, all dat reel guys out there....Money First.

Thank you for your time ........ Interview was taken April 2005 Copyright of GraffLondon
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