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Koper 2005
Topic Started: Monday, 4. May 2009, 15:31 (2,012 Views)
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Koper Interview 2005

What do you write?

Kopah koper

what crews do you represent?

Hmz awe ra

Who do you write with?

Earl n any1 else whos got paint at the time

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What made you want to start graffiti art?

Ive always bin into it from when I was young n used to see the tracks on the way to London battered n then just sorta started painting with earl

What writers do you respect and why?

kist earl and the people outhere doing there thing

How long have you been writing?

Ābout 4 years

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Think you will be still writing in 4 years time?

hope so aint no stopping me now

What is your favourite paint? And why?

used 2 be Montana but im into beltons now but il use anything I can get my hands on

Where do you get your paint from?

that place in dirty south

What is your worst graffiti experience?

only 1 I can remember was doing a trackside on the early with kist earl n ha1 I finished my dub n while I was waiting 4 every1 else to finish I was putting up a few bombs down the track n didnā€™t notice the fast train commin from behind at about 100mph every1 iz shouting to me but I couldnt hear them cos there was another train coming in the other direction I just turned round in time n got out the way

What is your favourite legal wall?

Gotta be Plaistow but dont mind the river in Romford but far to many toys

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What do u prefer: legals or illegals and why?

Illegals cos of the feeling you get and knowing that every1 iz gona see your dubs/panels but still like 2 chill out with a legal now n then

What are your views on the UK graff scence?

I fink its alright people say its shit but as long as people r still outhere doing there thing then its all good

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What do u fink of this website?

luv it

Who's most up in london?


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Any other words?

keep up the work with the site


earl, ha1,kist,kero,ezka,doer, mez,rimz,keen, and any 1 else I 4got

Not 4getting my girl laura and

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Interview taken 2005 property of GraffLondon
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