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Silk 2004
Topic Started: Monday, 4. May 2009, 15:47 (2,262 Views)
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Silk Interview (2004)

What do you write?


What crews do you represent?


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Who do you write with?


What made you want to start graffiti art?

All my mates started writin and so i did cos everyone else was, it was the thing to do the time.

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What writers do you respect and why?

Nema done untold trains nice crisp bulky letters, kool colours skemes and hes bin about since god knows how long. neas big styles safe geezer.zomby just fukt shit up since i can remember trains street trax insides windows all round graff king!! this list could go on theres ppl all over the world i respect for all diff reasons....

How long have you been writing?

erm bout 3 yrs max on and off.

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Think you will be still writing in 4 years time?

yea defo there will be no stoppin me ever i will go yard in ma zimaframe i feel no way! its all gravey

What is your favorite paint? And why?

Erm depends what im doin, if i was to do a chrome panel i wud be monty for trax burner chrome. legals beltons. monty and beltons for panels. i dont have a set fav paint. if only it was that easy... haha

Where do you get your paint from?

Hq when i can be bothered

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What do u use to make your stainers or do u prefer to buy them?

Never bought a stainer but i have a big litre bottle of inferno that always seems to refill its self :)

What is your worst graffiti experience?

What 1 do i choos theres a few stories, erm if it had to be 1 it wud be the time me kist pow ems jeko and snawt were paintin a central line plot, and got chased out by bt's and all around the streets, was very close for me but not for everyone.

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What is your favourite legal wall?

Erm i quite like tadaland in brighton in the summer get a gd sun tan while paintin always gd with a draw and a few brews too. if u get bored u've always got the playground to keep ya occupied.

What do you prefer legals or illegals? and why?

illegals is the whole point of graff and gettin up, and the buzz from bein and doin something u know u shudnt be!

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What are your views on the uk graff scence?

Its gettin alot better, when i started everyone was doin the same old shit and was really borin in my point of veiw but alot of ppl are expandin on styles and colour schemes its makin the scene alot more excitin, but thats just london really. other parts of the uk ppl have bin doin kool shit for ages london just bin stuk in a time warp!

What would you like to see on this website?

More trains tubes keepin it steel where graff belongs

Who's most up in london?

There isnt just 1 person milk,neas,dds,stane loadsa ppl theres not an over all winner.

Any other words?

Sexy white fella survivin without fear

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Shouts? all the sierra tango delta team, ba3 gang, everyone i know but i aint seen for time i got knew number make enquiries. safe

Thank you for your time .. Interview was taken October 2004 Copyright of GraffLondon
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