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Hope 2009
Topic Started: Monday, 4. May 2009, 16:34 (2,888 Views)
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Hope Interview 2009

A vandal for life and true to the old school.

Who are you and who do you represent?

Hope VFL-London NSA-Liverpool

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How long have you been writing and why did you start?

I've been writing about 16 years.. Quite a few of us started writing together when we were at school - We were really into
the hiphop thing so it kind of developed from there...

Tell us about the differences from when you started to todays present times.....

Its a hell of a lot different.. Its actually harder to write now due to the security thing and all the cctv but in some ways
its easier - you diddnt have the paint that you can get these days so you had to work a lot harder to actually get the tools you
needed to go do a piece.. A lot of the bigger crews were very active like PFB and DDS - They have had an enormous influence on the
scene and a lot of the styles you see today have came from them. Trains with pieces used to run more often and the insides were
getting a lot more bombed, but mind you when I started the lines mostly had the old trains which wernt so easily cleaned...

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How did you get your name?

I started off writing Faze (I'm not the NW London Faze!) then Chase.64.. A mate of mine (Sear SDF) was between tags and put up hope
a couple of times - I liked it and he said why dont you start writing it..

Who or what drives you?

Just seeing my name about and the friends I have made through it

What do you think about people like Banksy (and others) who have commercialised graff?

I dont think they have commercialised graffiti as a whole, just what they are actually doing themselves. I'm not a big fan of his work
but im not going to hate on him because he is making money from it - good luck to him. I'd like to see the guy rock a piece again.

If approached, would you do the same as them to earn money?

I've actually made money from commissions and graffiti related design work. But its been something ive done on my terms - I wouldnt
have someone telling me when and where I can paint all the time.

Do you plan to get anything out of graff? Do you have any goals or objectives you aim for?

Just to keep doing it and have fun doing it

Obviously from 20 years ago (89) to today there has been huge changes in every aspect. What do you think about the UK scene right now and where do you see things in 20 years time? (2029).

I think its going to get harder to paint but hopefully it will still be going. I know i'll still be painting...

In your opinion, what country do you think has the best scene in todays era?

I like the american and canadian scenes - the writers over there tend to work together more

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What is the craziest thing you have ever done/seen/experienced whilst on a mission?

All kinds.. I came past a pub late one night bombing looked in the window and there was this couple shagging on the pool table... I once climbed up onto
a rooftop and cut up my hands so bad that i couldnt get down and had to phone my mate to come help me.
I caught another writer in a subway lining me out, I threw a small tin of hycote at him and it hit him straight in the side of the head he dropped
straight to the floor and I thought... Shit I killed him. He got up and run off very wobberly, he diddnt line me again

What impact do you think the internet has had on graffiti? There's alot of good and bad points, but overall, is it for better or worse..?

I think its good in a way because you get to see stuff from all over that you might not get to see... On the other hand it has made some people
lazy - No photo is as good as actually seeing the real thing..

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Do you think there's a particular person/people/scene/style that has influenced you to what your style become?

Just my crews really, Mean, Praize, Zeal etc

Shouts and anything else you would like to say?

Yeah.. Just out to the people in my crews..
Praise, Asia, Mean, She, Snag, Prae, Zeal, Sim, Cazm, Azid, Phog, Ziek, Amber VFL NSA RCS SDF

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Many thanks for your time and support for the website.
Interview taken in 2009 & property of
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