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Chock 2009
Topic Started: Monday, 4. May 2009, 17:09 (2,409 Views)
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Chock Interview 2009

One of the biggest graffiti females from London & indeed the UK. Here she gives us an insight into what shes thinking and feeling.
Shes done alot in her time and she still does it better than most!
Be sure to check the Flickr, it is simply a joy to view.

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Who are you and who do you represent?

I am Chock and I represent THC BRS and GOT

How long have you been writing and why did you start?

I got a tag in 97 and started writing it on things
In 98

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Tell us about the differences from when you started to todays present times.....

Well there have been changes but not as drastic as for people who have been writing longer, I would say for me seeing writers as professional artists who have the potential to make big money is the biggest change I have seen as it is happening on a much wider scale now

How did you get your name?

I eat a lot of chocolate

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Who or what drives you?

My dad takes me swimming every tuesday

What do you think about people like Banksy (and others) who have commercialised graff? If
approached, would you do the same as them to earn money?

I would take the money but not in the same way he has

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Do you plan to get anything out of graff?

I did it for fun to start with and to get out the house really but now I earn my living off it

Do you have any goals or objectives you aim for?

To have better styles and to travel more

Obviously from 20 years ago (89) to today there has been huge changes in every aspect. What do you think about the UK scene right now and where do you see things in 20 years time? (2029).

I have no idea these people are a law unto themselves!

Posted Image

In your opinion, what country do you think has the best scene in todays era?

I think the uk is doing pretty good everyone can bitch as much as they like but there is a strong presence here and no one is going anywhere but really anywhere the trains still run with pieces has got to be the best

What is the craziest thing you have ever done/seen/experienced whilst on a mission

Loads of stupid things, just putting yourself in mad situations with regards to the law and physical wellbeing I am a clumsy idiot at the best of times but somehow its got me through and the police have so far let me go

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What impact do you think the internet has had on graffiti?
There's alot of good and bad points, but overall, is it for better or worse..?

I wasn’t around when there was no internet for graff so for me its always been there but I think it does make people lazy with regards to travelling etc people just go and paint their backyards and put it on the net and get props from each other on flickr which is fine but its not really fucking the the system or true to any roots or moving anyones world
People seem to place to much emphasis on how neat their cut backs are than saying much within their pieces this is to the new school who seem to think they are more important than the old pay attention to the old school they know what they are doing

Do you think there's a particular person/people/scene/style that has influenced you to what your style become?

In my early days I was inspired by ser tfw and London styles but now I have started looking further afield basically anyone who can make me laugh or think by looking at their wall is the best in my book

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Shouts and anything else you would like to say?

It wasn’t me I havent got any hands
And Thanks to everyone who paints with me

Posted Image

Many thanks for your time and support for the website.
This interview was taken in 2009 and property of

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