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Established in March 2004 and had quite a few changes over the years, GraffLondon was the internet home for London graffiti mainly between 2004 to 2010.

All that is available to you now are the gallery sections. We hope you enjoy them.

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Met 2009
Topic Started: Wednesday, 15. July 2009, 12:36 (2,439 Views)
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Wild fucking West London oldskool business!


True writer, real graff... Listen up!

Who are you and who do you represent?


I represent West London and old crews like AVZ - ARTISTICK VANDALS, which was a big crew back in the day.




Plus aload of others.

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Tell us about the differences from when you started to todays present times.....

Theres a massive difference... Todays scene is watered down. Buying paint, never riding the lines, no insides, never living the life, skinny jean wearing, jonas brothers....

Back in the day after 88 it wasn't fashionable to be a writer. it was kept hush hush, a private thing for you and other writers. Lines were bombed, everything was bombed!

After seeing all the west heads smashing the city I wanted it too!

How did you get your name?

My boy Crape gave me the name in 86 after I got bagged writing DINO! Which was the tag I had since 85..

Crape write RINO! Ha ha

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Who or what drives you?

I just like to get pissed and destroy things... plus growing up as a b-boy in the 80's. I just love graff!

What do you think about people like Banksy (and others) who have commercialised graff?

If I had Banksy's money I would put something back into graff.. Let the rich cunt buy the pit so the writers have a chill spot... Until then I hope he takes a drop from his ladder and splits his mouth on his silver spoon..

If approached, would you do the same as them to earn money?

Course I would, but I'm not into stencils.. or rats and pigs kissing..

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Do you plan to get anything out of graff? Do you have any goals or objectives you aim for?

Just to have fun! And carry on plodding along

Obviously from 20 years ago (89) to today there has been huge changes in every aspect. What do you think about the UK scene right now and where do you see things in 20 years time? (2029).

I think its lame to tell you the truth!

Too many writers that wanna piece before even starting with the basics like tagging, and putting the time in!!

In your opinion, what country do you think has the best scene in todays era?

New York, always for me!!

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What is the craziest thing you have ever done/seen/experienced whilst on a mission?

Got stabbed whilst on a mission!

That was fucked up but I'll leave that there!! Had good times so its ying yang!

What impact do you think the internet has had on graffiti? There's alot of good and bad points, but overall, is it for better or worse..?

Its good but hot!! Click on' don't leave your drum stay safely indoors! ha ha

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Do you think there's a particular person/people/scene/style that has influenced you to what your style become?

I'm in love with the 80's NYC, plus London's scene in the 1980's. SCAM, CHASE, DEMO, FOAM, CAZBEE etc left there mark on me!!

ROBBO as a kid!! Plus GANJA! ZOMBY! etc..

Shouts and anything else you would like to say?

All the crews and those that know me!!

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Many thanks for your time and support for the website.
GraffLondon 2009
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