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Vamp 2009
Topic Started: Thursday, 13. May 2010, 14:37 (3,891 Views)
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Man of knight
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The heavy hitter hitting it harder than most.
We have a quick catch up with the vampire of the night.

Who are you and who do you represent?

Vamp, in most of the big London crews but always reppin ps to the fullest

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How long have you been writing and why did you start?

Started when I was 15 and been goin for 11 years

How did you get your name?

I get asked this alot, people are shocked when they meet me I think they expecting some gothy white bloke or something lol..I dunno just liked the word I guess.

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Tell us about the differences from when you started to today's present times.....

Not much has changed, its always been about being out all week rackin paint wiv ya mates and then out all night on track or in yards, getting the night bus home covered in filth still drinkin the stella’s you raised earlier that night, I don’t think it will ever change

Who or what drives you?

Anyone who’s got a car can drive me im sick of public transport lol

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What do you think about people like Banksy (and others) who have commercialised graff?

I don’t consider Banksy as graff.

If approached, would you do the same as them to earn money?

Well iv never been a 9 to 5 kinda guy so if someone was gonna pay me to graff then obviously I wouldn’t say no

Do you plan to get anything out of graff? Do you have any goals or objectives you aim for?

Just to keep smashing it and not go back to jail

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In your opinion, what country do you think has the best scene in todays era?

Fuck knows, Paris was crazy, Amsterdam is always mad too. I hit Barcelona the last year, but I guess London cos its home.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done/seen/experienced whilst on a mission?

Ill never forget one time security tried rushin us in yard, as they are runnin up and Dfie steams towards them, there are all standing about 2 carraiges away from me havin words, I don’t know what dfie said but the security totally shit it, then D comes walkin back and hes like yeah lets finish, haha he made the fuckin security wait there while we finish our panels, so we finish, he turns to them and says “now go on, fuck off” definently one of the funniest nights out.

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What impact do you think the internet has had on graffiti? There's alot of good and bad points, but overall, is it for better or worse..?

I rarely get a chance to use a computer unless im at a mates house or something but im shocked at the amount of stuff they show me, so many pics floatin about some even I havnt got, the bad side is the dickheads, people pretending to be other writers its stupid, get off ur arse and get a life, actually do some graff instead of pretending to be something ur not.

Do you think there's a particular person/people/scene/style that has influenced you to what your style become?

When I was a kid I lived up the Old Kent Road and used to see loads of Regret, Known, Eines throwup and some old Drax stuff around...Iv tried paintin different styles but my roots will always be that London style.

Shouts and anything else you would like to say?

Shout out to my flatmate for the cheap rent and the lifts, shout out to everyone involved in the movement. Peace.

Many thanks for your time. Interview taken December 2009
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