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These rules apply mostly to the section "Programming without Game Maker". For the other sub-forums they are not that relevant although it is never wrong to obey them.

At the moment there are quite few advanced users of C++ and C# on the forums, while there are many novice users, who will have more questions than answers. To reach that questions can be answered properly anyway please follow these rules:

  • The same old rules as everywhere else apply here as well: Before creating a new topic search for a topic with similar content using the search function, check the FAQ and the tutorials and make sure that you are posting in the right sub-forum. Despite you should ask on the forum exceptionally, if you really can not get it to work by yourself. It is never wrong to search the web for answers before posting on the forum.
  • Do not post code, if you have not written it by yourself completely. If you do not understand the code (and beginners often do not understand code, which they did not write themselves), others will not be able to help you, since you would be unable to understand the answers they would give.
  • Do not post huge amounts of code. Post exceptionally the code, which is definitely relevant to the problem. If you have not posted enough code others can still ask you for more.
  • Do not ask others to correct your code. If you have written it yourself, you should be able to correct it yourself with some help.
  • Do not request code for particular purposes. You can ask "How to...?" but not "What is the code to...?".
  • Anybody may post in the tutorials sub-forums, which can be found in four sub-forums. Anyway you should do this exceptionally, if you are sure that you are giving good and correct explanations. Other than that please do not post links to tutorials or tutorials written by others there. Links can be posted in the "Tutorials and books" section.
  • If you want to go off-topic do that in the Off-topic section.

Thanks for abiding by these rules. It will make the forums a better place for everybody. If you violate these rules you should not be too surprised, if you do not get answers.