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@ Eanbro
Hehe. That is interesting, because I never dreamed of Ultimate 3D (at least I did not remember it, if I did).

@ Electricity
These are the bugs I have mentioned in my previous post.

I have found the cause of these bugs now. In Ultimate 3D 2.1 final I am using a new method to initialize objects with default values. For particle systems I forgot to initialize the gravity emitters with default values. For this reason all of them had random and in most cases very strong gravities set up and where at distant positions. Since their gravities were not set to zero by default, 32 gravity emitters effected all particles in every step. This takes a lot of computing time and this is the reason why there is this strong lag. I have fixed this now. In a couple of minutes I will reupload everything with the corrected dll. It will contain three bug fixes:

  • "%" characters will not cause problems, if drawn with DrawText(...) or Draw3DText(...) anymore.
  • Particle systems will behave correctly and will not lead to strong performance drops anymore.
  • For Milkshape and Anim8or model files bones will not take the wrong direction for rotations anymore. This bug resulted from the improvement of StartPoseInterpolation(...). I have implemented this improvement in a different way now, which does not lead to new bugs.

I'm sorry that I overlooked these things when testing Ultimate 3D 2.1 final. Once the corrected downloads are uploaded I will bump this topic and edit some posts.

Edit: The corrected downloads are available now. The only thing changed is the dll. If you do not want to redownload the downloads completely you can find the fixed DLL here. This way you can also avoid problems with downloads being still in your cache and being not really redownloaded ;) .
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