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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

Comments requested on new post!
OK, while 2008 Area B is coming together, I'm starting to go back to Area A 2007. I've managed to find some pretty good sequences of pics from two parts of this:

-- The northwestern edge of the old Stone Fort I (Antonine) wall
-- A vicus strip house just to the NW of the Stone Fort II western gate

Anybody remember if there were any other major areas excavated?

Seeking help on Justin's Area B excavations
Hey all.

Well the granary excavations were pretty clear-cut. It was easy for an armchair archie-wannabe like me to put together the story. But I'm having trouble with Justin's area, Area B. The pictures got jumbled in the server migration, so I can't compare posts to pictures. And the archaeology is tougher there for a layman to figure out anyway, being all squished together.

It seems like a great story -- the edge of the vicus, new major roadways, industry, connection to earlier digs, etc. But I'm out of my depths in trying to tell it.

So, a request for help. If anyone has pictures and some confidence about what they show, when they were taken, etc., please post 'em! You can either post in the public forums, or feel free to e-mail or private-message me. The goal is to get enough together to create something like the granary postings.

Also, if there's anybody who knows the whole story of Justin's '08 dig and wants to give it a go, let me know. (This obviously includes you too Justin!) I'd be happy to give access to that forum so you can write it up.

Comments requested on new post!
Alright, finally got the info/pics for the western granary posted. Here's the link. Like I say, all reality-checks are welcome and encouraged.

WeDig 2.0 ongoing changes (updated 21 Mar 2009)
Hi all!

Since the changes to WeDigVindolanda are likely to come a bit at a time, I wanted to make a place where everyone can stay abreast of developments. Nothing worse than logging on to a site and finding that everything's been shifted around and nothing is where you remember it.

So I'm going to maintain this list while changes come to the site over the next several weeks and months.

9 December 2008 - Forum migrated to the new host, brand new skin/look applied automatically by host. I didn't expect that the old familiar skin would be completely wiped away. Apologies to all for any headaches that caused! That said, I think the new system has all the functionality of the old, it just looks a bit different.

18 December 2008 - Found how to create new skins/looks and am currently working on making a few standard ones that people can choose from. If you scroll to the bottom of your screen, at the bottom-left you should see the words "Choose a theme" with an option box next to it. If you click the arrow you can see all the different themes that are currently available. Feel free to pick & choose whatever is most pleasing to you. I'll be working on this off an on for some months.

18 December 2008 - The new system can be confusing about what's been read and what hasn't. There's a simple way to know. The folder icon on the left side of each forum topic will be empty if there's no new messages, and will be filled with a piece of paper if there are new ones. It's a bit too subtle at the moment. So I'll try to make/find something that's more obvious.

23 December 2008 - Discovered that in the migration many (most?) of the picture attachments in old posts got jostled around and mixed up. I've been trying to go through and sort them all back out, but will likely not have 100% success. If anyone sees an old pic that's out of place and they know where it goes, please feel free to drop a line and I'll fix!

27 December 2008 - First baby-steps of reorganizing the content:
(1) The old "Random Musings" section didn't get a lot of traffic, and really wasn't all that different from "The Pub." So rather than split folks up trying to find posts amongst the two forums, I removed "Random Musings" and wrapped all of its old posts into "The Pub."
(2) Moved "A Vindolanda Primer" under "Getting Oriented/Reoriented," as it seemed a natural fit. I'm going to be fleshing out the "Getting Oriented" section with much more information of (hopeful!) use to diggers. That's one of my biggest focuses as WeDig 2.0 moves forward. So this is a first start.

27 December 2008 - I'm working on the first substantive change/addition to the meat-and-bones of the site. Thanks to the many fantastic photos that folks have sent, it's possible to create a small photo-journal overview of the excavations in progress from 2007 and 2008. I'm working on putting together a section that will show them. It will hopefully be a nice introduction/background to the recent work at the site. The idea is to give 2009's diggers (both new folks & veterans) a place where they can "catch up" on what's been done, with a combination of pictures, a small map to get one's bearings, and a brief commentary. Worth a shot anyway!

1 January 2009 - A little more shuffling, including a new "Digger's Corner" section. This will be the place where new volunteers can get up to speed on the Vindolanda story. In the end, hopefully it will have a few primers on the site, pictorial histories of some of the recent excavations, guides on soil types, pottery types, etc. Pretty much a one-stop shop to let a digger "hit the ground running" and be able to get the most out of their week(s).

2 January 2009 - Posted the first "recent excavation" page, on the granaries uncovered in 2008. I'm going to try to get Areas A & B uploaded back through at least 2006, and possibly earlier.

4 February 2009 - Revamped Granaries pages in 2008 Excavations to be less forum-like, more standard Web-page-like. Hopefully losing the fluff will add to the value.

21 March 2009 - Added Digger's Journal 2009. Revamped orig. "Photos!" section to be for non-excavation photos. Going to try to route all in-season dig pics to the Journal, try to make it easier for folks to follow what's going on. Big site additions coming before beginning of April, doing final bits now. Hope it'll be some useful stuff.

Comments requested on new post!
Thanks for the great input! And Sue, your picture is awesome. Wow, such humble beginnings. The human JCB crew is severely under-appreciated!

Badger, I've started on the western granary page. The pics & stories from the dig are amazing. I'm thrilled that WeDig was online and able to capture them. The fact that I can do this at all is thanks to all you guys and your posts.

Which brings up my dilemma. I haven't physically been to the site since summer '06. So I'm delving a bit toward arrogance in putting together the dig story. You guys were there. So I need a critical eye from you as all of these new sections go up. Help me make sure I'm getting 'em right. And don't be shy if I've blown it or overlooked something.

Also, I really love the idea of a world map with "pins" for volunteers' homes. I've seen similar things on other websites. I just might be able to do that here. What a hoot that would be!

Comments requested on new post!
Happy New Year all!! Hope you're all well on the way to recovery. B)

So I've just posted a little batch of pics/background on the granaries found in '08. (Many thanks to Michael for those great pics!) I'm trying to post some background on recent excavations. That's something that seems really useful, both for new diggers & the veterans. My post is up in the new "Digger's Corner" section (here's the link).

I'd love feedback on it. If it's something that's coherent & works, I'm hoping to post more on the granaries, the barracks, and of course Area B too. And material from 07 and 06 (maybe earlier) too.

So if you've got a chance, let me know what you think. And don't be shy!