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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

Opening Day at the Roman Army Museum
For Internet-philes, please note that the Vindolanda Trust is now on Twitter: @vindolandatrust. 3D films & live-blogging, there's no going back now. :D

Opening Day at the Roman Army Museum
It appears that the first screening of the new Vindolanda movie drew from a wide audience!
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Area of Excavations 2011
This image shows the basic area of excavation for the 2011 season (as I understand it from Andy's description and the Trust's website).

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As the '11 season progresses, I'll try to update the plan weekly, showing about where folks are digging & what levels they're in. (All pending Trust approval, of course). This means we need WeDig'ers to send in pictures and/or reports. Even a one-sentence wrap-up at the end of the week is a big help. Find a wall, tell us! Find a floor, a road, an oven, an amphora, tell us! Find something priceless? DON'T TELL US! :D (Seriously, info that helps armchair diggers follow the season is awesome. But info that leads robbers to sweet spots has no place here.)

Happy digging!

Review of renovated Roman Army Museum & Vindolanda Museum
New in the Digger's Guide is a fabulous write-up by Sarah Cuthbert ("ianandsarah") of the completely revamped Roman Army Museum and Vindolanda Museum: Vindolanda Museums Review. The description gets my blood pumping. Can't wait to be over and explore everything they have to offer. Thanks much Sarah for taking the time to write up this excellent & informative review!

- Harry

Mike's Geoblog
This winter, Mike did a very big thing. He took the notes from the Geoblog and compiled them into a full text of the Geology of Vindolanda. I've just finished compiling & uploading them to the Digger's Guide. It's in 12 sections, divided into two pages: Part I and Part II.

This is an amazing amount of work, and an amazing resource. We tend to think of history in human terms. But much of our history is shaped by the resources under our feet -- the things that we had to learn to make do with. It's the same at Vindolanda, and the Wall in general. The remarkable Whin Sill -- the ridge that gives the Wall its imposing overlook. How did it get there? What kind of stone did the garrisons at Vindolanda use to create their forts? Limestone? Sandstone? How did it get there? What other resources (and obstacles) did they have to contend with? Why has some of the stone held up well, while other areas crumble?

Mike's "Geology of Vindolanda" will help answer all of this. It will also take any interested WeDig'er on a 300-million year tour of northern England. You can start to understand how ancient mountains, deserts, seas, and glaciers created the Tynedale known to Roman soldiers -- and modern diggers.

A huge Thanks! to you, Mike, for taking the time & energy to make this resource available to all.

- Harry

That crossword is a very cool idea! Thanks for making it, and for sharing!

- Harry

Gearing up by looking back
Spring is in the air. Here in Maine the snow is finally melting and grass is showing. That means one thing: The digging season is almost here!

After many months in mothballs, I'll be trying to get We Dig Vindolanda ready for the '11 season over the next few weeks. As a start, I've just finished off a new Digger's Guide page: A Visual History of Excavations. It's a brief view of 200 years of archaeological discovery. Scroll your mouse and watch the site unfold from its earliest beginnings through the 2010 season.

This first version contains line-drawing plans of the site as visitors would have seen it at 25 points in history. If it's well-received, I'll extend the drawings to include photos of the archaeology, both as it is now, and at its moment of reveal. (The latter will rely heavily on the photo albums of all you WeDig'ers!)

Anyway, hats off to the entire Vindolanda Trust crew. All early word of the new museum, the video, etc. are that it's world-class, top-notch. I'm so excited to hear from WeDig'ers and see it all for myself!

New for 2011 at Vindolanda and Roman Army Museum
A report would be wonderful! You can send it to me via e-mail: text_style@hotmail.com. I'll put it up into the Digger's Guide so anybody wanting to get a feel for the new museum will be able to find it.

New for 2011 at Vindolanda and Roman Army Museum
It all looks & sounds astounding! I can't wait to visit & see it all for myself. And I'd love to collect the reports/thoughts of folks visiting the new museums for a page here at WeDig.