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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

Can it be??
Will be excited to check the Webcam feeds from around Northumberland on the Digger's Guide tomorrow 1st thing to see how it's all looking! So, How's the Weather?

(shameless plug)

A regular view
Ooh! Barcombe would be ideal! It would also catch (from a distance) the vicus work. But admittedly, slightly less convenient.

Vindolanda / Hadrian's Wall in the Media
2013, 20 March
BBC News
"Hadrian's Wall to get £10m visitor centre and hostel"

"The project will replace facilities dating back to the 1960s at Once Brewed, near Hexham. The scheme, backed by the Northumberland National Park Authority and Youth Hostel Association (YHA), will also create 60 full-time jobs. Detailed plans will now go out for public consultation before a date is confirmed for construction to start."

Area of Excavations 2013
Continuing from 2011 & 2012, this will be the spot for a quick rundown of progress in the trenches for Vindolanda digging season 2013. Kind of a "getting your eye in" page for mapping where the digging is happening & at least some of the features coming up. As a start, here's an overview of the site. The two main excavation areas highlighted come from the Trust's official blog.

Posted Image

The blue box is the SE quadrant of the visible fort. The yellow-orange area is out in the vicus, among Severan barracks and 3rd C homes/shops. There is a third area in the North Field. However, the Trust has asked that North Field excavations be kept lower profile, so they will not be mapped here.

Remember, WeDig relies on you! The more you can share about where you're digging, the better the trench maps will be from week to week. Please post thoughts, ideas, & photos, and help make 2013 WeDig's best yet!

Can it be??
Also, in case you hadn't yet seen it, Justin's video from early March surveying & describing the site. Looks like it will be a very exciting year!

Can it be??
Is it possible that the 2013 excavation season at Vindolanda is really right around the corner??

In preparation, here's a great YouTube slideshow posted by "wringknuckle" of a day digging, summer 2011. Short sleeves & no snow -- there's hope!

A New Digger's Guide post!
Now -that- is a great picture Pete! The place still just gives me the creeps. So cool. Justin, best I could find is that it was partially restored in the 1800s but still retains its integrity from the 1300s. Don't know how much they have to do to keep it stable. I'll bet it's a ton of work!

New Digger's Guide page - Staying Onsite at the Hedley Centre
A couple years ago Vindolanda opened up on-site lodging at the Hedley Centre, just behind the museum. Our esteemed Badger lodged at the Hedley last year, and has written up a great guide. Check it out!

A New Digger's Guide post!
Hello WeDig'ers!

After a very long hibernation, I'm pleased to announce something new in the Digger's Guide - a little-known yet amazing place to visit, Hermitage Castle.

Hermitage Castle, just across the Scottish border maybe an hour's drive NW of Vindolanda, has no known Roman associations. It does have some of the most moody, evocative atmosphere of any place I've visited. The raw power & loneliness there really show just how lawless the "Debatable Lands" were, for hundreds of years. The "Reiver" era put a huge stamp on the culture of the whole region around Vindolanda. If you want a flavor for one of the big ingredients that made Tynedale -- and its towns and villages -- what they are today, check out the page and make plans for a visit. It's worth it!

Vindolanda / Hadrian's Wall in the Media
2013, 2 February
BBC News
"Hadrian's Wall being 'worn away', warns Trust"

Video file. "The Hadrian's Wall Trust is warning that parts of the World Heritage site are being worn away by poor weather and the number of visitors it attracts. The amount of walkers there has increased dramatically over the years and now the trust is asking for help trying to preserve the ancient site. Fiona Trott reports."

Vindolanda / Hadrian's Wall in the Media
2013, 1 February
BBC News
"Hadrian's Wall gets £50,000 to repair drains after downpours"

"Around £50,000 is to be spent repairing drains along Hadrian's Wall after heavy rain left sections of the trail between Tyneside and Cumbria waterlogged."

Vindolanda / Hadrian's Wall in the Media
2012, 19 December
Past Horizons

"Three small enamelled metal Roman pans – the Rudge Cup, Amiens Patera and the Ilam Pan – thought to be the first souvenirs from Hadrian’s Wall are featured in a new book edited by Roman expert David Breeze."

Vindolanda / Hadrian's Wall in the Media
2012, 16 October
The Journal
"Vindolanda car park lights 'harmful' and must be replaced says inspector"


"Dr Andy Birley, the Trust’s director of excavations, said yesterday: 'We are extremely disappointed in the decision that has been made. The design of the lights that we chose was recommended to us and is what the National Park uses. We are on the edge of the National Park and we followed all of the relevant specifications. But, yes, they will now have to come down, and we are talking to the planning officer to see what would now be the best thing to replace them with.'"

Vindolanda / Hadrian's Wall in the Media
2012, 24 September
SAGA Magazine

A nice small photo gallery of the site and some beautiful interior shots of the museum & some finds.

Vindolanda / Hadrian's Wall in the Media
2012, 28 August
BBC News
"Child skeleton at Vindolanda fort 'from Mediterranean'"

"Tests on the child's tooth enamel, carried out for a National Geographic Channel TV programme, showed Georgie grew up in the Mediterranean. 'It turns out the child is not from the local area and is not even from Britain, Dr Buck said. 'Until the child was at least seven or eight, they have been in southern Europe or even North Africa.'"

Vindolanda / Hadrian's Wall in the Media
2012, 8 August
BBC News
"Vindolanda Fort fresh water piping system discovered"

"Dr Birley, who preserved his grandfather's original site notes, said: 'We have found the main water tank and spring-head, and thousands of gallons a day are still bubbling through from the surrounding land and fields. They weren't a great distance down, probably about six feet, and there is a small stream coming out of it.' The aqueduct and ditch were exposed in the 1930s. 'It is proper spring water, which is what the Romans preferred to use, as their other water, from the river, was used for waste.'"

Vindolanda / Hadrian's Wall in the Media
Starting with a hark back to the beginning of the 2012 excavation season!

2012, 10 April
"Uncovering The Past At Vindolanda"
ITV Tyne/Tees

The opening paragraph says it all: "It's windy and it's wild. But spring is here, as far as the Vindolanda excavations are concerned. For four decades, volunteers have given up their summers to uncover the area's Roman past. This year is no different, though there is particular excitement in the air."

Vindolanda / Hadrian's Wall in the Media
Hello! As Vindolanda's 2013 digging season gears up, it seemed a good time to re-wet the whistle. This thread will contain updated news & media links & items about Vindolanda and the Hadrian's Wall region. Check back often, and enjoy!

- Harry