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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

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T shirts v Polo shirts
Hi Cestrian,

To answer your good and specific clothing question.

We do have some limited lines of clothing (baseball caps, woolly hats and lovely VT T-shirts) but the reason why we don't sell Fleeces and waterproofs etc is again down to unit cost v sales potential. The National Trust will literally buy in thousands of an item and have hundreds of outlets for them. They very rarely do a bespoke item for a particular property. Just normal NT branded gear. We have 2 outlets and no warehouse to store them in. So again it tends to be the unit cost that is the killer. If we can't guarantee to shift a certain number at a certain cost within a certain time frame...we can't get them in at a sensible price. Same sort of basic business problem for every retailer both big and small but especially small.

hope that this is helpful. However, i do hear you on the longer sleeves - I will look into a long sleeved variety and see if it can be done. ;)


Week 23
second last team photo

good tough crew.

2011 Excavation season group photographs
1st week in August......

I think.......

That is the week I was supposed to be on holiday.... :-)

let me know if this is the correct photo....



2011 Excavation season group photographs
22nd of August ...... a rather wet week.....

Hi all,

The applications are intended to open on the 1st of November - 12noon GMT. The process will be simplified in many ways with the largest innovation being that as soon as you select your dates from the list available they will come off the system so that there is absolutely no chance of double booking. You will then be provisionally booked in and will receive a confirmation email from myself (within 48 hours as I don't spend 7 days a week at my desk) at which point your application will be completed. I do not advise you to book any independent accommodation (other than the study centre) until you have my email confirmation of your place on the excavation.

The excavation season in 2012 will run from the 2nd of April through to the 31st of August. There will be 645 places available. The maximum number of weeks you can book for is 5. You can book for single weeks with breaks in between or as a block. You have to fill in a form per person on the excavation booking system so that we have all of the appropriate details of everyone booking in. You can fill in an application for a friend, but you must fill in all of their details as each application will be taken on an individual basis. So for instance one person could apply for 4 people - so long as they fill in all of those peoples details on each single application form. This may be helpful for those who find 12noon GMT an horrible hour depending on work flow or indeed where they are situated in the world. We will not offer a booking system for groups as this would not give us the individual details of all the applicants, and of course, you all have to agree to the health and safety elements and the other basic rules.....

2012 will be an extramural only excavation, the NW quadrant of the fort is now the preserve of the consolidation team and those who have to tackle the excavation report (which will take a good while so no demands for that yet please :-). That being said we are also re-commencing hostilities against the weather and midgies in the north field as well, June and July only planned at present. This team will be selected by Myself and Justin to join in with the University of Western Ontario field school team (led by Dr Elizabeth Greene and Dr (forthcoming) Alexander Meyer). There will be 10 places in June (first week in July) and then 20 places for the rest of July. There is no separate booking system for this - those who are selected for north field duty will be chosen from the main group.

As for post 2012 excavations - more information will be forthcoming during next season.

hope that this helps,


Week 24 12- 16 Sept
Last team photo of the year - freezing cold and wet - the swampy gang :D

T shirts v Polo shirts

Printing v stitching is an issue (kind offer aside- and gratefully and duly noted) although of course cost per unit is the other major issue. To be precise, it almost costs twice as much for the polo shirts than for t-shirts based on an order of some 650 units. I could therefore switch to polo but then we would have to sell them in the shop to cover the extra expense and this would remove the 'exclusivity' for the volunteers. Or I suppose I could up the price of the excavations to cover the extra cost accordingly. But this would be deeply unfair as there are those who would be happy with the t-shirt and they would be forking out for a style change.

Hence me voting for the t-shirts. If all was equal I might be swayed but cost is something I am trying to keep a lid on for everyone.



2011 Excavation season group photographs
second last week,

thanks to all for working through the torrential 'summer' rain. stars the lot of you.

2011 Excavation season group photographs
indicative of how busy I am, and the weather conditions that we have to work under= the lack of response on the wedig site :D . That and the lack of connectivity on the excavations. Of course, this website is set up by volunteers to be run by volunteers, so why don't the volunteers post their photo's is the question you need to be asking..........

Here is the third last week.

Week 24 12- 16 Sept
The wall

Your very welcome - I should have warned you that it is addictive before you started :-)