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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

Area B Team Photos 2010
Week 7.

How would we match last week with all its filming and celebs in the trench? Well by finding some stunning archaeology of course and boy what a week it has been. As this is a family show it's prbably not wise to get into specifics but if anyone googles TUTUNUS MUTUNUS you'll get the idea ;) With a blessing from such a god what will the rest of the season hold?

I wondered how so many of my excavators had been becoming pregnant all of a sudden......... well now we know.

A big thank you to the crew of week 7. You endured the first rain in 7 weeks very cheerfully and we had a terrific week. Your various drains, floors, roads and ditches will doubtless confound and confuse me for a little while yet, but its an amazing area unfolding in area B just now.

Thanks to John Sharp for sorting out the team photo after my camera battery died! :-o

And yes Tim, fitting Mutunus into a schools talk could take a bit of doing!

Area B Team Photos 2010
Week 6.

Phew what a week! With 2 lots of film crews and absolutely scortching weather (was that really Northumberland in May?) it was a steady week in terms of new revelations. However, we have now cleaned up our lovely 8.30m wide roadway and are seeking buildings on its edge. Is the pile of stones found by Linda, Wendy and Chris the footing for a stone wall? Is the roadside ditch going to contain finds? How does Ed and John's ditch profile fit in with those identified last summer? Lots to think about and work on more next week. Whisper it quietly, but it's all going well so far....

Many thanks for all your hard work team, it was tough going in all that heat, but we made real progress and I hope to see you all again next summer.

Area B Team Photos 2010
Week 5

This was a week of finishing off major areas and exposing features found earlier in the year so little in the way of new features, but our cobbles now look to be spectacular in the east of the trench (if we can get at them for the water!)and the various drains, pits and ditches came up very well indeed.

It is still not obvious what the Romans were up to when they dumped about 20 waggon loads of stone into a depression in the west of our area, but they had gone to enormous trouble – were they suffering from the same damp soil as the present excavators???

Things took another twist towards the religious with a certain votive find that you will all probably see in the new, lottery funded, museum displays at some point soon, which put the icing on the cake of another great week.

Anyway, another solid week and my thanks to the hard working gang of week 5, I hope to see you all again next summer including Clint Eastwood! :P .

Area B Team Photos 2010
Week 4

Another great week with the 5m extension trench to the west really starting to show promise now. The mixed up bands of clay discovered last week have developed into drains and we also have a few mysterious dark stains in the soil which look increasingly like ditches. Ditches in area B though? surely not!!!

The infamous cobbled area has also been shown to spread even further north and east than we thought, but could one of the dark soil stains prove be a boundary ditch to its western side? Fingers crossed and watch this space.

A great many thanks to the volunteers this week, who between dodging rain storms, medical emergencies and Baltic north winds put in a tremendous shift. It has been as pleasurable as ever working with you all. Also, best wishes to Duncan from everyone digging this week. We all hope you’re ok and the back is recovering well.

Missing from this week's photo are Duncan (MIA) and Jacqui who had to dash early to support the performing arts!

Area B Team Photos 2010
Week 3.

A continuation of some lovely finds, but I think it was one of those weeks we sometimes get when our understanding of area B went backwards a little. Several grand theories went up in smoke leaving plenty of intruiging alternatives etc. What were those Romans up to dumping literally waggon loads of stone into something deeper in our little extension trench? Who dug the large pit just outside our stone structure? How much later than our roadway is the stone structure given that it seems to sit on soil 20 odd cms deep over the road? Lots to try to solve in the coming weeks.

Many thanks to the week 3 crew for your enthusiasm and hard work. Overall I think we had a very productive week!