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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

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Area B Team Photos 2010
Week 16.

After almost three years of seeking a decent stone vicus building it looks like we have finally clipped the corner of one! A fab effort saw a hearth and a collection of glass beads appear in conjunction with the existing stone wall. It's looking promising so far.

Elsewhere Imelda Marcos would have been proud of our collection of shoes: a sewing needle and three wood combs might point to industry asssociated with our leather workshop. Other news of the timber buildings is that one of them is going around the bend, (some might say in reflection of the archaeologist!) so perhaps we have some form of stock pen. Time will tell on that one, but as per usual in area B, a multitude of later features have chopped away bits of the evidence.

Anyway, it has been another very successful week, so I owe a hearty thank you to the volunteers of week 16 for putting in such a sterling effort, it was a pleasure to work with you all.

Area B Team Photos 2010
Week 15.

A rough start to the week with torrential rain, but it certainly didn't dampen spirits, or productivity-especially of small finds. Beads galore, a lump of Roman rope, bits of armour, more leather than we could bag up, and a superb bronze stud in immaculate condition (surely a certain addition to the new museum displays in due course). Quite a week really.

I reckon we now have two phases of timber buildings dating to the early/mid second century. One, probably a stable given the amount of horse manure and the second almost certainly a leather working workshop given the amount of scrap leather and off-cuts turning up. Also we definitely have a stone building vicus structure flanking the northwest edge of our back alley. Will the plough ravages have left enough behind to interpret what was happening in there?

It has been another brilliant week. A huge thank you to the team of diggers, you made it a really fun week and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you all. How we top that week I'm really not sure......

Area B Team Photos 2010
Week 14.

Well I suppose it had to happen eventually, but the weather broke this week and made life exceptionally frustrating indeed. In and out of the tea shed like yo yo's, the week 14 team were brilliant in putting up with the worst weather Northumberland could throw at them with grit and determination to make the best of it all. A massive thank you to everyone for making what could have been a disaster for the archaeology, with us all plodging about in it, actually fairly easy to manage.

We now have even more posts popping out all over the place and some of them are real whoppers! The buildings seem to line up very nicely with similar wattle fences found way back in 2000, which is nice, but there is still insufficient to establish conclusively what they were used for as yet. There has been some stunning preservation and I'd expected a few writing tablets by now if I was honest, but the amount of horse muck, coupled with the fact i've yet to meet a horse that could write, may explain some of that! Might we be in a stable housing some of our Vardullian cavalry? Maybe time will tell.......

Area B Team Photos 2010
Week 13.

Well there was certainly nothing unlucky about week 13! Simply stunning archaeology this week. Not going to be outdone with a fragment of writing tablet in the last couple of weeks, the week 13 crew turned up timber posts by the dozen, oak sleeper beams, laminate flooring, a potential well, road surfaces and stone walls, the best part of a votive face pot - pretty much in situ, and who could forget Bob's potential round house? :'( Its taking some figuring out what exactly was going on in that area but my word is it fun!

I suppose we were exceptionally lucky with the weather again, dodging the rain until the final hours, but it has been a brilliant week. A huge thank you to all who took part and made it such fun, you seriously progressed the site this last week and it was a huge pleasure working with you all. How are we going to be able to top that?

Area B Team Photos 2010
Week 12.

Wow another superb week! We made large strides with the vicus this week and now have what looks to have been a side road branching off at ninety degrees from our major cobbled street. I think this new one is likely to link the main road out of the west gate of the fort with our major street. Best of all though, we appear to have the start of stone buildings on either side of it. They are very close to the surface so are unlikey to have well preserved floors, but we have buildings at last!

Elsewhere, more posts and structural timbers, pockets of organic material containing the usual stuff that comes from such features at Vindolanda and another potential drainage ditch-well it wouldn't be area B without a ditch a week would it?

Many thanks to the volunteers of week 12. A hard shift at the start of the week saw turf flying so that cobbles could be cleaned, but it was so much worth the labour for what we appear to have learned about our 3rd C vicus residents. A big thank you and hope to see you next summer.

PS: a note on our writing tablet. It was only a tiny fragment and I would very much doubt if we'll glean much, if anything from it. The important thing about it is that it was found so far west from previous examples. It's importance, I feel, is that it shows the potential is there for others to have survived in the western part of the site. Far from being isolated in only a few areas it looks like these amazing objects have survived all over the site. Now that opens up possibilities.......