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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

Week 17
Oh piddle! I forgot to mention that for the first time ever yours truly had no small finds to his credit. And - that is all. Hope someone else takes up the reigns next week.
Errata: for well read water tank!

Week 17
Hah - the printed version had two pix which included 3 volunteers (including myself) 'excavating' the well which, of course, was excavated several weeks ago. The picture left in was of a certain Dr A Birley who was on holiday this week so it may have been a file pic.

As to today: started in heavy drizzle or light rain, take your pick. No time lost, we simply laboured through it (and, yes Mr Spellchecker, laboured does have a u in it!). The day ended in sunshine although rain is now spattering against the window in the Twicey - oh no it is not - it has stopped as I type and now we have glorious evening sunshine! As to today's activities: trench 10 - the cut discovered yesterday was proved to be Roman - possibly a beam slot. Trench 9 was tidied up and people re-assigned to little jobs in 7/8. Anaerobic stuff continued at the end of the aqueduct and where I presume 'anaerobic gulch' is.

Today's pics are of the new cut that extends the sw corner of 8 towards 10. And group photos (Beth and Trudi were being naughty and played truant from the photo-shoot)

Week 17
Badger, I am afraid that that is it. Harry, according to Alberto, who was showing it around, it is Roman. If Alberto found it then he was at the west end of the aqueduct.

Weather today (7.00 am @ the Twicey Weather Bureau): bright sunshine, blue sky, grey clouds and breezy so anything could happen!

Week 17
Just an experiment - a movie file. I do not know if you will be able to view it or download it. It's nowt special - just a 360 degree of the area - not the trenches unless they happen to get into shot! I do not even know if it will post this but ignore file - it says it is attached and it just gets in under the 7.5mb limit.

BOO HISS - all that time to upload and there is no link in the post so I do not know where it went. Maybe Harry can find it?

Week 17
further pics (hope y'all understand my shorthand!)

Week 17
First the bad news: we lost about an hour to rain.
Now the good news: Pauline's chicken korma for the buffet was to die for!
Anniversaries: Beth had one - cake pic attached (if the grey matter remembers!)
What went on? More scratching away with trowels. Due to congestion in 10 I was moved to area 7/8 and had the entire 1/4 acre of trench to myself. Fortunately I only had to scrape one little ditch. The usual pottery and nothing else. Will I go the entire 2 weeks with no "small find" to my name? The extension to 9 started by Justin yesterday which revealed large flags was, actually, a re-dig of a previous Justin trench so nowt exciting after all. Trench 10 was found to have a cut in it. Tomorrow that is 2 be investigated to try and remove the horrible specter of a possible 19th century drainage ditch. A nice burning and some friendly stones have appeared in the extension to trench 10. Other people were doing things but I know not what apart from scraping. The afternoon rain prompted a partial evacuation of 10 so a new cut was begun to join se corner of 10 with sw corner of 8 although I am not sure if the connection is to be made (thinking barrow runs). Will have to check it out tomorrow.
I must just add (because pic follows) that last week a northwards extension to 4b was made. No work is being done on it this week.

Week 17
Yet another full day's graft under somewhat better conditions than yesterday - even a few moments of sunshine (or was that a dream?). General hands and knees jobs all round although the extensions on 9 and 10 did include spadework. Justin, on his tod, extended 9 south towards 10 in double-quick time uncovering a couple of large flags - the stone type not the fluttery type.

Riposte of the day (yesterday): a middle aged couple at the edge of trench 10...She: "what is your best find?". He: "your wife". Volunteer: "No, that was my best loss!"

Again - no pix. Will try and get some tomorrow.

Ice cream: roaring trade but the big debate is: lunch-time or afternoon break time? For me this is a no-brainer and wastes ice-cream eating time!

Week 17
Overall: a full day of aches and pains sustained even if the latter part was in mizzle and drizzle. De-turfing completed including the second layer so everyone should be on hands and knees tomorrow. Nothing spectacular to report or conjecture on. North Field Report: two drainage systems of different periods. Dating given this morning is premature and can safely be ignored as just a "fag-end". Beth says she will produce a report some time. That's All, Folks. No pics - nothing has really changed. Oh! Possible tablet but may just be a bit of a wooden tankard.

Week 17
Badger: I think it was 3rd century AD but I will try and find out more today.

About which: The Twicey Weather Bureau Says: currently (08:30) low cloud, fine drizzle (almost too fine to see), little or no wind/breeze. Could be an uncomfortable day's digging - if any is done at all :'( . The digging will be ok and easier than yesterday but the barrow run?

Week 17
Weather - dark cloud all around all day but we seemed to have a private gap and we probably have some lobsters - certainly I have a white stripe on my wrist where my watch lives!

In summary - dateable finds in north field. Trench '9' extending towards '10' and '10' extending to '9'. The roadway in '10' may only be a pathway, or a wall foundation or ??. A 1970s(?) drainage trench was excavated. Other people were doing other things but I do not know what - apart from guddling in quick-drying mud!

Pix (taken at lunchtime)

Week 17
Monday morning: Twicey Bedroom Window Weather Studio
What has happened: Rain and strong winds overnight last night
Current: Light grey sky, bright, windy and,,,if I get off my bed and look west (which is where the weather is coming from) - a rainbow. The BBC 3 day forecast is sun, sun, sun. Whoops, sorry. The BBC have lost my tracking cookie - that was London. For NE47 white cloud, shower, white cloud.

I'll stick with the bright sunshine that is trying, nobely, to brighten things up.

Breakfast here I come.

Week 16
As I mentioned to someone on MSN - red arms, white body! Full days digging achieved so that is 4 out of 5. Lots of things achieved. Some of the ditches by the water tank were confirmed Roman due to an intaglio (sp?) being found. And like London buses...another was found elsewhere. A piece of worked flint found in our area by my trench buddy (I think this is area 7/8 - but definitely just a couple of yards to the west of the water tank. Justin's tweet shows what is coming up in area 10. At end of day there was a lot more road surface uncovered (pix later) so it looks like I am cobble scraping duty again next week.

2 questions about the Roman Empire are left unanswered:
a) why was Vindolanda built so far from the Twicey and
b) why was it built so far from the excavators car park?

That's it for this week (but I will revisit with some pix later)

Saturday midday - pics added. Please note that a Wtaretank is a water tank in disguise.

Badger - I do not have the energy to walk! (or the fitness)

Week 16
Stopped raining - too bright to look out of the window - or my eyes are too bleary. Expect we will resolved all outstanding questions re the Roman Empire by 'down tools' today!

Week 16
Well, my wonderful forecast this morning led to an uninterrupted days digging! Some people had to be shifted but mostly we stayed where we had been. Summer broke out for the morning and clouds in the arvo but no rain until after the buffet. An urn was found in 10. Apart from that I do not think that anything major was found - just ditches and stones - some of them related to each other which made me happy as I found them. But what they are I do not know. Oh, carefully excavated a lot of plastic so went from trowel to mattock!

3 pics attached: 1) trench #9 being extended towards the ice cream booth to cut down the walk time. 2) where my stones are (honest they are in there somewhere)
and 3) my friendly stones.

Week 16
08:10 - the blue sky which had been in evidence has nw disappeared and some rather nasty grey stuff has appeared. However, that appears to be intermittent as a little patch of blue has floated into the view afforded by my window in the Twicey. Looks ike it could be a stop/start day if we get started (lots of rain overnight). Breakfast calls.

Week 16
12:30 meet and it is off to Barcombe Hill for leisurely archaeological stroll -except for those, like me, who cry off. Bright sunshine but heavy rain off and on. To tell you how bad the ground is I left the visitors entrance to head for the hut and went head over heels just stepping onto the grass. You cannot, safely, push a barrow in conditions like that. Better weather forecast for the rest of the week.

Week 16
9am and it is still sheets of rain passing by the Twicey. The only good point is that the wind is strong. But I checked a weather station 5km away - not hopeful ALL DAY :'( . Maybe I will be able to nip into Haltwhistle and get my laundry done!

Week 16
From the real world: a bright morning, cloudy afternoon, a few raindrops about 4pm-ish so no time lost. But... trenches brushed down for an expected downpour - hopefully tonight so that tomorrow we can see our different soil colours and get stuck in. A photo or two will be added after I have read instructions on how to put them up!

OK - edit - photos added (I hope) all taken at lunchtime while sitting under a tree having a snooze. Moving from East to South to West. Tomorrow I will try a different perspective. (Standing on my head, perhaps)

Week 16
Not much to add from the 'real world' - a full days aches and pains attained despite intermittent drizzle. Excitement with just 15 minutes to go but not a champagne moment. Being ill and dis-organised i forgot my cameras but hope to remember them tomorrow.

(And can someone tell the spell checker that in the real world organise is spelt with an S and not a zed and that 'spelt' is a real word!)