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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

"Area A" Team Photos 2010
Week 7 team. 16–20 May.
Just look at them Tim, B) what a fine bunch,
by the roadside showing off their new blue t-shirts. What a change in temperature this week, far too hot!

Look back to week 5 (Post #3) looks freezzzzing :-/

Area A. April / May 2010
20th May looking south-west, end of day 5. Two photos joined.
The great north road over 18 metres wide. On the right in the trench edge is the barrack east wall and probably a roadside drain alongside. To the left of the road the fallen wall of the next building.
Edit ......Joined-up photo by Malise.

Area A. April / May 2010
19th May looking north-west.
More of the barrack east wall, bottom left, with the road slabs to the north. In the background, south of the gatehouse, more of the road slabs are being uncovered. This was during filming the Eagles Eye II. Notice the t-shirts this week, after morning frosts and hail last week, this week must be summer

Area A. April / May 2010
18th May. Looking west. Road subsidence, what was the cause of that, crossing a previous ditch perhaps?. Along the trench edge should be the barrack wall, looks like rubble might have been used as buttressing to prop up the wall in later times.

Area A. April / May 2010
17th May looking south. More large slabs with a barrack wall just appearing in the trench edge where John is pointing, in the foreground. Beyond the grass strip is where the road slabs dip down, to the left they are missing.

Area A. April / May 2010
17th May. Looking west. After seeming to have lost the road on the 1st day, this photo shows the next slab dipping steeply down to where Sheila is standing. Look to the right, two stones from the end of her spade and see what can occasionally be found amongst the rubble. (it’s upside down)

The corner of a carved stone showing a head but what was it, could be part of a gravestone, something connected to the god Mithras?

Area A. April / May 2010
Brinno, no I think you are correct that looks like him.
Kate, thanks for your roundhouse panorama

16th May. Looking south. At the end of our 1st day on the great north road.
After trudging miles along the Stanegate road, imagine entering the fort through the north gatehouse and walking down this 18 metre wide road. With buildings both sides, the barracks on the right and the north gate behind you. Straight ahead of you is the front of the headquarters building, very impressive.
Scary? depending on the purpose of your visit, new recruit, prisoner or slave. Maybe just a seasoned old soldier returning to your “comfortable” barracks, looking forward to seeing your band of brothers and visiting descendants of Atrectus the brewer? :)

Eagle's Eye and Birdseye view
General view around the site during the filming. The cameraman said these scenes will be in the first 15 seconds of the film, so be sure not to blink!

MikeC re Post #6 - the only one of you (suitable for this site :ermm: ) is the group photo in "Area A group photos"

Eagle's Eye and Birdseye view
Great close up Malise, that birdie could give you a seriously nasty peck. ^o)

The new film will be in super 3-D, see the newspaper report here journal

Three photos I took on that day.
This is John after doing his walk on part. (the odd looking thing is a lighting unit )

Area A. April / May 2010
1st photo. 5th May looking NE.
With the cobbled Antonine road (from 2009 season) removed a second roundhouse is exposed on the left. The first one, shown on post N°. 15 is to the right.

2nd photo. 16th May looking west.
Another roundhouse under the north intervallum road. The temple building is just visible, top right.

Dr Birley (Andrew)
Dr Paul (MD) …. “when you’re in a hole stop digging!”

Dr Andrew (Phd) …. “unless you’re an Archaeologist, trust me I’m an Archaeologist”.

End of the mound
1st photo. 5th May
Just another couple of barrow loads to go Kevin! In the background a little help from the Border Construction team, don’t panic folks they are not new diggers, they are moving the stone heap because Beth has not arrived here yet :'(

2nd photo.
View from the side, very creative. The spoil heap lives on, just gone to the big spoilheap down the hill. :)

End of the mound
I couldn't get a signal from there, but then you're a lot taller than me Mike, big friend! :D

Area A blog, May 2010
Tim, Fred (just in front of wheelbarrows), and others on the road going north.