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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

The barracks
Enter the fort by the west gate, along the roadside the granary buildings are on the right and on the left are the barracks. Barracks excavation started on 17th July.
Photo looking east, from west gatehouse. 22nd July 08

Granary, looking north towards the road. Clearing out the channels & soil sampling continues. Across the road in the background are the barracks excavations. 28th July. Yes, the Barracks!! :o

East side of the granary. 27th July.

South side of the granary, the wheelbarrow is on the last remaining corner to excavate. 27th July.

Soil Samples: Some of the soil is sieved, some not, then it's washed in a bucket, (about four times so that all the floaters, float, hi-tech stuff!)
The water is poured through a sieve to collect the floaters off the top. The bits are dried then bagged & labled. What is found in the soil samples? small bones, seeds etc......

Under the floor of granary/warehouse (west building), no ventilation under here, unlike the eastern granary. The wall & doorway of a later house (?) on the right, built over the floor slabs. 23rd July 08

As previous but looking east.

Drain (with covering slabs removed & cleaned-out) to the south of granaries, looking west, granary/warehouse on the right hand side. 23rd July 08

Side road on the east side of the granary; soil sieving in progress. 23rd July 08

Soil sampling under the floor. 23rd July 08

Re previous post - Harry & Anthea, :o I heared the old place is being "done-up" at present but I've not seen it recently.
Cleaning out the five ventilation channels under the granary floor. 16th July 08

Caption Fun 2008

Kate. I can’t believe that, have those two weeks sapped your brain?

Alex & Andy Show. (Don’t mention the “M” word)

Alex. - “Hey Andy! Why is my face ‘n nose twitching like this???”

Andy. - “Mmm fella, I said DON'T have the rabbit stew.”

Justin. - “Mmm well! (M) mix-up-me- toesies: maybe too much dry cider”.

Beth. - “Cool, Alex; but is this condition contagious?”

Alex. - “Don’t worry dear! I’m insured, I’ll be alright by September”.

Me. - Is it safe to come back on site? Now I’ll have to go & lie down.

Getting to the bottom, of the cobbles! (No it doesn’t Anthea!!) :ph43r:

The subsided flagged floor, cleaned and ready to be removed. The broken flags removed, were thinner than those used on the east granary building and there’s no sign of any supporting walls or pillar structure. (8th July)

Warehouse/granary floor. The cobble stones, used to fill subsidence in the earlier flagged floor, are cleaned, photographed and ready to be removed down to the stone flags. (3rd July)

Thanks Harry you fixed it! :)

Granaries cont.
Road through the west gatehouse reopened during a "twilight shift" on 23rd June. I missed the opening ceremony. Photo 30th June.

Friend's evening.
Alex, friend, you sieve head!!! :rolleyes: We missed you.
Write out 100 times “The next friends evening is 27th JUNE 2009”.

It will be a special year for Patricia and Robin to mark their 40th and 60th years at Vindolanda.
We enjoyed the evening, meeting friends, the weather was good for our site talks by Justin & Andrew, and there was a lot to see.
To Patricia, Robin and family, Vindolanda Trust and all the staff, thanks!

Also (thanks to Sophie)
The teams from this week had the opportunity to enjoy a meal on Thursday evening 3rd July. Cooked by Chef, Valentine, and Sophie, after filming for a BBC 2 program (due out in September) Very tasty after a day digging!