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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

Midges! How bad are they really?
In an age where air travel is under close scrutiny it might be prudent for travelers to purchase their Bug-be-Gone after arrival. Jove only knows what that stuff would look like to the sensitive detection gear that we all hope and expect is in place at airports!

Tim Wolter

The Who's Coming page is up in November instead of January. I expect we will have folks gradually adding on. Also, data sometimes gets hung up at the receiving end, by which I mean Harry gets too busy.

And, there is always an information gap in the mid summer months. I figure that the early and late diggers are just a different bunch than the hot weather midge swatters. We seldom hear much from them.

Too busy scratching?

Tim Wolter

Fred and Mardy will be staying at the Twicey under current plans. I expect to be over there often.

I like the concept of the Hedley and do want to support the Trust. But I will miss my morning walks from the Inn.

Ah well, back to the Twice Brewed in my second week.


As to the Hedley Center, it appears I will be staying there. We picked up an excavation/lodging package as late as last week. So it appears myself, my brother Fred and his wife will all be tossing dirt.

Hmmm. I guess Fred and I could stay at the pub drinking and having a swell time. Nah. Maybe his wife and I could stay there and exile Brother Fred. Oh, that would not go well.

Sigh. Looks like some poor soul will have to endure me snoring.

Tim Wolter

"comments typed in black and white can seem harsher than intended"

come to think of it, some of the Vindolanda writing tablets come off as a bit churlish.....Britunculi?

Tim Wolter

Not just food for thought but an entire Roman feast, complete with hummingbird tongues!

I can't speak for the phone calls, but sometimes internet postings can sound crabbier than they were meant to be.

I am also wondering if the folks several pages back who have adopted an alternate year strategy are not on the right track.

My opinion is, heck, set the percentage of newcomers you want to have. Put those slots up first and fill them with neophytes. Then a second, open season for the rest.

You would of course have to watch out for Snowglobe wearing a blonde wig and lipstick, but I figure he couldn't manage that disguise for long....

Tim Wolter

I have not had a lot of contact with the masonry guys, but they seem like decent sorts. I wonder if they might consider having a couple of lichen-scraping apprentices each week?
With budgets getting tighter everywhere there might be a niche for volunteers with some basic stone conservation knowlege.

And as for pottery washing....I do believe the Trust has tons and tons (ok, tonnes and tonnes) of the stuff in storage. Might some folks, perhaps spouses of diggers, come over just to wash pottery and learn about it?
I understand the issue of keeping people out of the conservation lab, H and S concerns with the chemicals :X and all, but perhaps there might be some conservation that could be done outside the BioHazard zone?

These will all be ongoing opportunities...the more stuff that gets dug up the more that needs to be preserved. And some diggers-not me of course-are finding the incline up the spoils heap a bit steeper as the years go by....

Tim Wolter


That parallels my brother's experiences exactly. I know the Trust folks are doing the best they can under the circumstances, but there are just some quirks that the current system does not handle well.
-want a spouse along
-coming from another continent and would like two weeks together
-been coming for years and years but are of an archeological strata that grew up with vacuum tubes instead of computers.

Lets hope that the notion (not sure it is a plan yet) of opening up a parallel dig at Magna works out. I understand it would be in conjunction with a University program, so there would be quite a few slots reserved rightly for students. But maybe a case could be made that a leavening of experienced old hands could be recruited in on a priority basis?

It could be fun. Right down the walk from Andrew's garden, just down the way from Hadriana's B and B. And the hotel in Greenhead could be a fair replacement for the Twice Brewed Inn!

Darn global economy though....

Tim Wolter

No doubt this is a significant headache to the Trust. But it is better to have the problems of success than to have that other kind! iirc they are do operate under some rules. Not sure if it is Trust bylaws or something that relates to their Lottery funding....but they have to keep the excavations open to as many people as possible. And I am quite certain that they want to keep the price reasonable.
So the only real options would be to limit folks to fewer weeks, or perhaps the hoped for second site!
After various griping by computer and human my order got unfrozen, so I am good for two weeks in May. As it was my wife doing the griping while I was at work, these two weeks are going to end up costing me quite a bit. I fear it will be new carpeting in several rooms..... :(
Advance notice....since WeDiggers appear to all be computer mavens by now we will be expecting pictures and written reports on a weekly basis. WeDig tends to get a little short of info as the summer wears down.

Tim Wolter

An Archeology Fix
Well, now that everyone is in a giddy mood...

Of Obelisks and Empires


Nah, the planes are always flying. Of course last minute changes of plans are hard on us trans Atlantic commuters. I have occasionally calculated what it would take to get me from here to the taproom of the Twicey on short notice. I think I could do it in 36 hours, but it wouldn't be pretty.


Wife able to reach Vindo by phone. "Probably" able to unfreeze system and extricate weeks from basket.

Andy, take the staff out for drinks today. Well earned.

And, if I do or don't make it in, apologies for being crabby.

Seven minutes.....


Tim Wolter

Unhappy spouse continues to hit refresh. The system corrected the address to the shorter WI instead of Wisconsin but refuses to change the mailing address and will not allow anything to be changed.
I suspect that in the interval May, heck, 2012 has vanished but we may still have weeks "in the shopping basket" we can't tell.

This is not a good thing.

Emergency email to Fiona, but there have been troubles brewing with the system for days now, as per my trial attempt at Friends membership that went through but sent me no confirmation.(although others got it).

Basic flaw seems to be brit centricity....were there a pulldown menu of US states we would be fine. Or if the system specified two digit state code....or several other ways.

Tim Wolter

Same error.
Wife trying to do this while I am at work. Domestic discord rising....and it appears that May is now gone.
I think this is a US specific issue.....


Tim Wolter