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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

Advice for getting from Newcastle to the site?
Hoping Meghanb made it without incident! B)


Vindolanda / Hadrian's Wall in the Media
They did an archeological survey of the site too. Having walked across their parking lot so many times I was curious but so far have not found a public posting of it.

Might reshuffle the accomodations picture a bit but to me it would probably just seem like a larger group of unruly school kids!

Justin likes to tell a story about giving his talk to a particularly rowdy school group....but he may be making parts up. :P

Good for the community overall, no doubt.


Elsewhere in the Empire....
Justin T

Yep. Open a jpeg with Paint. Click on resize. A standard digital camera shot of 2.5 gigs makes a nice 300kb or so if you change the 100% to about 30% and save. Experiment a little.


Elsewhere in the Empire....
If I understand correctly, and with technology one must not be too sure, you need to use the Image button atop the box in which you type posts. It will ask you for a URL, which makes sense if you are one of the folks who saves photos to an online place like Cloud, Picassa, etc. If so you just cut and paste the link. Keep in mind that most photos from the usual digital camera are 2 to 3 megs of data and that makes an unwieldy image. It is better if you can resize it to around 300 kilobytes or so.

If this exceeds your technical level just email it to Snowglobe.


Elsewhere in the Empire....

At least your pic is scenic! Here is a grim view from the Province of "Occidentia" last week: ICK

You seem to have the photo posting figured out, but if you prefer to have the image posted such that it appears without having to open a link, this is possible...

Be warm.


Elsewhere in the Empire....
I ran across THIS recently and immediately thought of our Amphora Scholar Kate and our Queen of Sherds Malise!


Advice for getting from Newcastle to the site?

The credit card chip thing is sort of hit and miss. I have had a few glitches and so carry two different cards. They do have chips and being mindful of such things, I carry them in scanner-proof foil pockets. My wife makes vague allusions to my next purchase being some sort of foil covered hat to keep the Martian spy helicopters from reading my thoughts!

But to get a little closer to a useful topic, if you are traveling far afield be sure to carry a back up credit card option, to not lose cards or passport, and to let your credit card company know approximately when and where you will be. Makes life so much easier.


Advice for getting from Newcastle to the site?

You have it pretty much figured out.

From the airport you take the Metro line to Newcastle Central station. Metro runs pretty often, every 15 to 20 min if I recall rightly.

At Newcastle Central you take a train west, towards Carlisle. Buy a ticket for Hexham. If you can buy ahead it is cheaper, but seems a bother. Get off train at Hexham. Rather nice little market town, worth a stroll if you are not overly burdened or too tired. There is a big Tesco store nearby if you need anything.

The AD 122 bus stops at the train station but I find it a nicer wait at the other stop, Hexam tourism center. Just a couple hundred yards away. But your choice. The drivers often buzz right by the Hexham train station but stop a while at the Visitors Center.

AD122 bus drivers will make change. Be sure to specify Vindolanda. The East and West bound buses all look the same to me and come in on the same road.

This drops you in the Vindolanda car park on the west end of the site. Best to go to the ticket area and say you are an excavator. Then you can walk through the site to the far end where the Hedley is. Or, if you prefer, there is a road that runs along the north side of the site. Does not look like much but it is the Roman Stanegate road! Takes you right to the Hedley.

Enjoy! Hope it warms up.


oh, to clarify something. The Metro line runs from the airport to the central train station. It goes some other places too. You do not want to go to the Metro Center. If I recall that is a shopping center on the west side of Newcastle. You will go through it on the train to Hexham.

Now there's something you don't see every day....
Waiting.....waiting for Spring

Advice for getting from Newcastle to the site?

You are probably correct. The amount I was recalling was from Vindo to the airport....and was given to me by the redoubtable Fiona who works at the Trust. She likely has a cordial relationship with the local cabbies. The only time I recall taking a cab over there was once when my brother and I missed the AD122 we needed to get back. We cabbed to Hexham and I recall it was 16 or 18 pounds.

I like the train option myself, but have done it a few times too jet lagged to appreciate the scenery!

Walking from Bardon Mills probably not a great plan. I pack light and even I would not fancy an uphill slog with all my stuff.....


Advice for getting from Newcastle to the site?
A taxi seems rather....unadventurous. But not entirely impractical. If you are not arriving at a time where catching the AD122 in Newcastle works, you are looking at some combination of train/bus/walking. The advice to buy train tix ahead of time is quite sound...but not always possible with international travel. Flights get delayed for instance. One year my brother and I had to dodge that ##### Icelandic volcano!

So the cost of a taxi might not be much more than the cost of metro ticket + train to Hexham + AD122 bus. I inquired a couple of years ago about taxi from site to Newcastle airport and seem to recall 30 to 35 pounds. Not cheap but see above, and it would land you on the doorstep of the Hedley. Not sure if the price is the same going the other way, local cab companies may have different pricing than Newcastle.

As to gear, or "kit", since you should start speaking proper English....watch the weather forecasts and plan for a chill. Not that Canadians are much bothered by that. What part of Canada are you from? We have had quite a bunch from Edmondton in recent years...

Layers, lots of layers. The sun comes and goes, showers can be on and off.

My best tip is a comfy pair of hiking boots, then add a pair of rubber overshoes you can pull on and off on site. Our local farm supply store has some nice low ones that just cover the lower 3/4 of the hiking boot. Much lighter pack than wellies, which seem to be the gold standard.



Advice for getting from Newcastle to the site?
Oh, I failed to mention that there is indeed a train/subway from the airport to Newcastle central train station. It is cheap and a better option than taxi. But if I recall, the automatic ticket vending machine does not take plastic or bills! I end up having to buy some kind of trinkets or candy bars from the airport shoppes! A good idea to have a few one and two pound coins in pocket if you have some from previous trips.


Advice for getting from Newcastle to the site?
The AD 122 bus schedule may change from year to year, but in general there is only one bus leaving from Newcastle in the AM. It departs right in front of the Main Train station. In the past it has left around 9am. After that the bus just shuttles between the central parts of the wall all day.

So....if you can be in Newcastle by 9am you can be delivered to the west entrance of the site about an hour later as previous poster mentioned. Be sure to beg Colin for the chance to snooze earlier than the regular check in time.

But if that fails, say your flight is not first thing in the am, you can always do one of these things.

Train to Hexham and take AD122 bus.


Train to Bardon Mills and walk about 2 miles.

I have done it different ways.

Depends a little on how light you travel and what the weather is. And on whether you need a few supplies in Hexham. Hedley center does provide most all you would be wanting.

Any questions on gear? Put it to the Elders of the Tribe!