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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

Week 13
Justin's Twitter seems to be restored and he is paraphrasing Carter at the opening of King Tut's tomb:

"Anaerobes....everywhere the smell of anaerobes..."


Below is from a tombstone in the churchyard at Haltwhistle.

Now, I don't care what version of the Twice Brewed story you want to believe, but this variation of the name occurs in no other source I have found. Brian at the Twicey also expressed surprise.

Just a stonecutters error?

Hope there are not a bunch of other erronious inscriptions laying around Northumbria....


When worlds collide
Sad weather reports from the site this week. I always hated rain when I was there. I suppose the fact that it was ever so much easier to "float" specimens for biological analysis is no compensation!

Lacking real archeology, wander over to:


for some of the ersatz variety....when worlds really collide: the "archeology" of roman artifacts found in the Americas.

Tim Wolter

Transport Advice please?
I suppose it is a little late to change plans, but what you are proposing to do-stay a night in Newcastle-was what I did my first trip over. Never again.
All the hotels in downtown Newcastle seem to be the sort of places that host batchelor and batchelorette parties (Stags and Hen and Chicks locally). Noisy. Not a great deal for the money.
Of course if sufficiently jet lagged you will sleep anywhere.
But if I were getting in at all early I would just hop on the train to Hexham and stay there.
Very pretty. You can stock up on anything you forgot to bring. And the AD122 bus runs more often in the central section.
Just a thought.
I recall searching for hotels in Newcastle before my first trip and found one entry that said:
"Very popular for Stag/Hen and Chick parties. Repairs from recent fire almost complete."

Tim Wolter

Week 11 pictures
I am about the color of that glass shard-green-with envy.

Tim Wolter

Transport Advice please?
Ah, but in the interests of complete advice I should mention that the Twicey Quiz is now on Monday.
Still the worst pub quiz in Great Britain, and damned proud of the fact.


Transport Advice please?

First of all I envy you. It sounds like the good stuff is just waiting for your arrival!

You have two choices, both viable.

1. the AD122 bus is actually quite practical for your arrival. Look closely at the schedule though, it only leaves from Newcastle once in the morning. I think around 9am, and I know right in front of the Newcastle main train station (towards the east side, on the main street outside. It usually sits there for half an hour or so).

It will deposit you on the doorstep of Vindolanda, and is a fairly cheap pleasant ride. From the West gate drop off to the Hedley Center on the east side is probably a half mile. The gatekeepers would likely wave you through (bring your Friends of Vindo cards if compulsive), or just take the windy road that runs immediatly north of the site. Its the first sign of habitation after the Codley Gate Farm.

2. The option of taking the train from Newcastle is also not bad. Get off in Bardon Mills. If you are traveling light (I make the trip with just a backpack) it is a moderate stroll to the Hedly Center, maybe 2 miles. Nice countryside. I suspect you could also call a cab from Bardon Mills if you are traveling heavy. Trains run pretty often M-Fri, might be a little less often on a Sunday.

Sometimes getting back to N.Castle post dig is a little trickier. Fiona at the Vindo trust can tell you about getting a taxi direct to N.Castle airport (costs around 30 pounds) if time is tight. I made the trip in the following manner.
--walk Twice Brewed Inn to corner.
--AD 122 bus to Hexham.
--train Hexham to Newcastle
--Metro NC central station to NC airport.
Expect a boring stay at NC airport if you are going that way....never before seen a place where you have to sit in their shopping court for so long before going to the gates!
Enjoy, and post to WeDig if possible.

Make sure you have sticky toffee pudding at the Twice Brewed, and uphold the Vindo tradition at the Tuesday night Twicey Quiz!

Tim Wolter

Week 10?
That last one with the lead....much bigger than the curse tablets I have seen at the British Museum. Must have been a doozy!


When worlds collide
The term barbarian comes to us from the Greek. Supposedly the Greeks listened to the speech of non-Greeks and thought it sounded like "baa-baa"(sort of akin to the modern "blah,blah,blah" phrase used to describe an unlistenable committee meeting.

Attached photo is of Hadrian's Wall still after all these centuries keeping out the baabarians...


2011 odds and ends
Here is a fun pot shard that turned up in week 6.
The graffiti seems to read

A V S L M although the L is imperfect and the S is not scratched all the way through the glaze.

Discerning WeDiggers will recall that VSLM is the abbreviation for "fullfilled vows willingly" as appeared on last years altar. In fact with variations it seems to be the standard wording for such.

Perhaps a bowl used to pour libations?

Tim Wolter
with thanks to Kate!