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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

Cottage rentals in July
Helen/Scott/Tim, thanks for the tips & advice. Its beginning to look like the cheaper options will be far enough from the site to need a car, so the Twicey still seems like it might be the best bet overall, especially with breakfast thrown in.

Tim, I know exactly what you mean, but success depends on showing we're keeping costs down!

Will continue searching, if there's anything closer to 300 per week it could be a bit further away because a car could be added using the money saved...

Cottage rentals in July
Thanks Sue, I didn't know about the cottage. It looks to be closer to the site than the Twicey, and a little cheaper. Will have to put that down as a possible, although I suppose the Twicey price does include breakfast...

Cottage rentals in July
I'm thinking about applying to dig in 2013 with my son, and need to get some idea of accommodation cost before jumping in. The Twice Brewed Inn would probably be about 800 quid for us to share a room for two weeks, but that makes me wonder if there are options that would be about the same (or a bit less) for a cottage. Ideally within walking distance (less than 2 miles), but if you know of something that would need a car but would be a reasonable price (300-400 a week), I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks for any/all tips/advice.

2013 Excavations and the new SMC
Just a quick note to say that "2013 Excavations" has now replaced "2012 Excavations" on vindolanda.com, and all the information that we've been discussing here is now laid out fully, including all the two-week excavation periods:

2013 excavations page at www.vindolanda.com

2013 Excavations and the new SMC
Yikes. This information doesn't exactly dampen my enthusiasm. I guess this gives me 5 weeks to complete Operation "Wear-the-spouse-down-into-conceding-it-would-be-a-great-idea-to-make-another-UK-trip-during-digging-season". If that starts to run into difficulties, Operation "Our-son-would-have-a-life-changing-experience-by-digging-as-well" might have to be deployed some time around Oct 20th.

2013 Excavations and the new SMC
Thanks for the comprehensive and rapid reply Andy. I'm betting the changes will mean the slots will disappear much more slowly on Nov 1... It might take 48 hours instead of 24 for them all to be gone! :)

2013 Excavations and the new SMC
Well spotted Sue, I hadn't noticed the excavator updates.

The biggest news I can see is the change from a two-week recommended minimum to a required minimum of two weeks. Another change is the maximum for the season looks to be four weeks, instead of five in 2012. I can understand the thinking behind both changes, although it will make it harder for me to dig again; getting two weeks away will be a real challenge.

A couple of questions arise from the changes, could someone sign up for 3 weeks and do the two weeks have to be consecutive?

2013 Excavations and the new SMC
Seconded on the blogspot posts, the diagrams are great to have.

I can certainly attest to the travails caused by that bit of the Victorian drainage system this summer. After another deluge overnight we arrived in the morning to find another baulk collapse, and the suddenly diverted drainage system dutifully depositing gallons per minute into the trench. :-/

Hopefully the biblical rains of 2012 won't be repeated for a long time.

2013 Excavations and the new SMC
Quick question on the A1 trenches. I'm curious whether the thin (most easterly) one is a continuation from where we ended up in July?

September visit
Great photos, thanks for taking the time to match the before/after and for all the uploading.

1,000th WeDigger
That's a lotta bots!

I placed a regression line by eye on the last couple of years of data and can now confidently predict that we will hit a bot-free, 1,000th member, on Wednesday July 17th, 2013, during the afternoon tea break. B)

If I am on-site on that date, and we hit 1,000, I expect an especially large ice cream from every WeDigger also in the trenches with me.

1,000th WeDigger
I happened to notice that our latest WeDig member (Ken Denham) has member number 1,000. Being a curious sort, I wondered how we are doing in terms of rate of accumulation of new members. Is interest waning, growing, staying the same?

Using the list of members (available on the forum to anyone) and their join date and member number, and having ten minutes to spare before I left work, I hacked together a quick graph to show the timeline of appearance of a small sample of WeDiggers over the last 6 years. It appears to me that we have accumulated new members at a very steady rate, and if anything, the rate is increasing...

Posted Image

On another note, although Ken has member #1000, we only have 856 members. Some members have apparently left the building...

Can you tell the digging season is over?

2013 Excavations and the new SMC
Thanks very much for posting all this Andy, very interesting reading. Glad to see the North Field having a prominent position in the plan.

Lots of fascinating trenches to be dug in our collective future!

farewell MMXII
Well said, Tim.

In the same vein, may I suggest we also raise our glasses to Beth and Alex, and to the successful launch of the Vindolanda Field School. Here's to the continued success of all those brave enough to battle the cows in the North Field...