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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

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Oh, what to do...
I stay at the Twice brewed pub so pop in when you reach the wall, I'll stand you a pint or similar beverage!

Oh, what to do...
Not sure when you are digging as that week starts work on the 18th, I guess the best options are the bunk barn at Windshields 12 per night or camp 7? Wild camping is not allowed in the wall area. If you are on the dig from the 18th June see you there. Hope your finances improve.

Internet speed/technology reality check
No problems with the download of the site, like the larger photos as they show more detail. Even get fairly good results on the mobile.

Week 8
All posted before but a run of Photos showing the causeway as it progressed from week 2,5 and 8. The wall running under it looks stunning.

Dere st road trip
Having had a day out whilst rained off looking at High Rochester fort on Dere st I thought I'd take a look at three forts further south.
Photo 1 & 2 Binchester, Terrys other digging home, great bath house,
Photo 3 the Saxon church at Escomb across the valley contains a large amount of stone from Binchester
photo 4 an upside down stone set in the north wall badly worn but just visible is a VI, the LEG now faint
photo 5 said to be a reconstructed arch from the fort over the nave.
photo 5 top right in the wall a reused alter in the north wall,raised circle
photo 5 Lanchester fort heading north, standing until the 18th cent then robbed out, sad

Also visited Edchester but the fort is under the village, sadly the church holding some inscribed stones is now locked.

Week 8
Wow 24oc on site today for my visit so everyone looking hot but happy, great to meet some fellow Wediggers (hello Scot)
Some photos to post to add to Scotts excellent photos this week.
photo 1 I've posted this before but its interesting to see the difference since Febuary
photo 2 todays view
photo 3 long view over the dig
photo4 the wall over the aqueduct as mentioned in Justins tweet, Andy seems to think its part of an earlier water system. To think I was digging next to it for two wweks!
photo 5 a view looking south down the Severan ditch showing the new exposed wall
photo 6 the causeway today looking west
photo 7 Scott pointing out features
photo 8 Justins pool next to the diggers hut

Week 8
Great shots, can't wait to see for myself tomorrow. Here's hoping for this weather to hold

A day out
Glad to be of service! Was a great day out.

Any news on 2013?
At the end of week meeting last Friday Andy mentioned that the dig hopefully will be in the south east corner of the fort ( nice and dry) and outside the west gate under one of the stone Vicus buildings there, going into the early fort layers! Sounds exciting. Possibly also continuing in the north field.

Week 6
Shooting in portate mode at a low angle or macro would achieve the look or shooting at f4 or lower on manual focus. Alot of programmes will have a tilt shift of centre focus mode, I have one on my iPad for post shot photos. Brinno may have other options?

Week 7 reports
Missing the mud already, keep up the photos & updates nice to see the sunny weather.

A day out
Oh dear oh Dear....

A day out
Sue Munro
May 13 2012, 09:47 AM

How do you find the fort by the way? I'm not familiar with it.
If you head down the Wall to Chollerford (Chesters Fort) then cross the bridge first left then you'll hit Dere st then it's a straight drive to Rochester , the route is packed with marching camps,roman milestones and Risingham fort (under grass but impressive) its an landscape packed with roman archeology throughout the drive. It took us 45 minutes to drive from Vindolanda without stopping.

A day out
Having been rained off last Thursday some of us headed up to High Rochester fort (Bremenivm). Well worth a visit as the gates,walls and ditches survive to an impressive level. a walk along Dere street to the roman tombs is also worth the effort. Also look for the reused roman guttering in the end wall of the house as you turn up to the fort.
Lastly on a cold wet day the cafe in the village is worth calling into, Digging legend Nigel was impressed by the Ketchup bottles.

Week 6
Great lecture from Andy this morning and a sunny (ish) afternoon, a new area for Harry to add.

Week 6
Wind & rain continues to beat on the window, not looking good. Good gang of diggers this week made more than made up for the lost time.

Week 6
The weather is fairly bad outside the window here at Once Brewed, in fact I'm using a waste bin as I have a water feature appearing through the roof so may have to bail out the room. Just as the trench was looking interesting.

Week 6
Hopefully my photos have reached Harry? Dry but bitterly cold today . Lots of nice features appearing. Cutting down into the Severan ditch tomorrow if the weather holds?

Week 5
Having a sunny weekend so decided to walk the wall from turret 33a over to Housesteads, wasn't banking on the snow that landed on me going over Sewingshields crag! Cold but sunny again, fields are snow free. Went north of the wall to look for a roman inscription up on Queens crag"60ft from the rabbit stone" however failed to find any trace,anyone else tried?
David was on site yesterday de turfing and keeping the pumps running, Welles are a must this season.

Week 5
Cold but generally sunny day with odd shower, some great progress made but plenty awaiting the weeks ahead. Harry has my photos so hopefully they show the site as of Friday finish.

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