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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

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Week 3
Day 1
Had to pump out the trenches this morning so had a talk from Andy about the site from when it was first occupied by the 1st Cohort of Tungrians while Beth and Alex got the pumps going! The weather improved and we actually had some sunshine and managed to excavate from 12.30 although not where we all were last week as the trenches need to dry out if it ever stops raining!! We stopped at 3.30 when we heard the thunder and decided that it was probably best to put our spades, shovels and wheelbarrows away before the lightening got too close!!
Was excavating in an area with a large oven which hopefully we'll take out tomorrow so should get back in the good stuff!!

Day 2-5
This is the final update and despite what the weathermen said about the rain we managed to dig all day every day with some well timed tea and lunch breaks. The areas that had been excavated in the previous weeks were underwater and having to be pumped out on a regular basis to stop us from drowing!! Chris, Felicity, Charlotte and myself were digging in the oven area where Rosie had been the previous week. The oven went and we started to get down to laminate - the nice smelly stuff. We found some nice small finds.
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