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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

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Week 15.

A rough start to the week with torrential rain, but it certainly didn't dampen spirits, or productivity-especially of small finds. Beads galore, a lump of Roman rope, bits of armour, more leather than we could bag up, and a superb bronze stud in immaculate condition (surely a certain addition to the new museum displays in due course). Quite a week really.

I reckon we now have two phases of timber buildings dating to the early/mid second century. One, probably a stable given the amount of horse manure and the second almost certainly a leather working workshop given the amount of scrap leather and off-cuts turning up. Also we definitely have a stone building vicus structure flanking the northwest edge of our back alley. Will the plough ravages have left enough behind to interpret what was happening in there?

It has been another brilliant week. A huge thank you to the team of diggers, you made it a really fun week and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you all. How we top that week I'm really not sure......
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