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From Aug 2006 - Nov 2013 WeDig provided a live forum for diggers & fans of Vindolanda. It has now been mothballed and will be maintained as a live archive.

Here you will find preserved 7 years of conversation, photos, & knowledge about a site many people love. Vindolanda gets under the skin. (Figuratively and literally as a volunteer excavator!) It's a place you remember, filled with people you remember!

Thanks for 7 great years!

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Another terrific update from Justin on the end of Week 13 here!

All the voussoir stones reused as flooring go back to an idea I had a couple years back. There's talk that Vindolanda's bath-house was still standing -- or at least one roof was -- as late as the 17th/18th Centuries. I've always found that unlikely. 5th/6th Century Vindolanda was a tiny concentrated speck of "civilization" huddled inside crumbling walls, with lawlessness outside. (A lot of that lawlessness would have consisted of raids from well-armed rabble at other post-Roman fortlets.) It seems hard to believe that the head of 5th C Vindolanda would let an outbuilding like the bath-house stand, where an enemy could hide behind its walls or use it strategically within downhill arrowshot of the fort. I've always imagined that by that time, it had been leveled, at least enough not to pose a threat.

Any thoughts from others on whether the voussoir stones shed any light -- and what that light is?
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