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Roundhouses at Vindolanda, why?; Discussion of the circular huts Vindo
Topic Started: Sep 11 2006, 10:09 AM (697 Views)
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Hi, Andy,

These are some more questions. However the answers (if known) might give pointers?

Are we sure that the roundhouses were extra-mural to the Severan Fort?

Where is the East ditch and rampart to the Severan fort?

Where did the Severan south ditch go after it hit the line of stone fort one?

Fig 35 of volume 1 shows the Severan buildings as an annex to stone fort one. This is questioned but only speculatively I think in the 2001/2 reports which are on disc.

Could the ditch and wall of stone fort one, been the perimeter of the Severan fort? Had the round houses been laid out on the platform before the "annex was built?

Could the platform of stone fort one have been used to accommodate the round houses within the Severan fort perimeter? (rather than extra mural?)

If so,does that point more to prison camp than peaceful neighbours or just that the divide of function between vici and forts is not what is traditionally put about?

Hope these questions are not too naive! I just rely on the maxim that the only truely ignorant are those that dont know that they are!
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