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Unless otherwise noted, all plans below are unofficial interpretations only.
They are meant to help orient diggers & friends.
They are not designed to scale, nor to imply archaeological accuracy.

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Week 4
Topic Started: Apr 29 2011, 05:14 PM (551 Views)
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At long last, pictures from Terry & Pauline's Week 4 as promised.

The following is a great series going room by room along the 9-room barrack block that's been the center of attention during April. Because the later (SF II) barrack block sits mostly over the earlier one (SF I), the two can be seen sharing the same space in most rooms. It's fun watching the more muddled/damaged bits lying under the northern rooms slowly turn to well-preserved remains of roads, drains, and walls toward the south.

All of the following are standing just to the west of the barrack, looking east. They start at the north end, and travel south room by room. (Captions below from Terry & Pauline)
Posted Image
"Facing east after group photo. Dilys, Jim and Dave's work on the Via Decumana, top left."

Posted Image
"Antonine road. Large oven dominated room but destroyed strata - "trashed," said Andy. No sign of a drain. Pauline, Margaret, Chris and Matthew's area."

Posted Image
"Antonine road with north south drain removed except for a couple of stones to left. Evidence of oven and trashing. Terry, Pete, Dave and Joyce's area."

Posted Image
"Antonine road again, remains of north south drain mainly in centre. Drain of different construction to next photos in sequence."

Posted Image
"Antonine road and drain in much better condition here."

Posted Image
"Another room in much better condition than some further north."

Posted Image
"Dilys and Jim worked here for part of the week. Room much admired for its des res, groomed appearance compared to Pauline, Margaret, Chris and Matthew's trashed room."

Posted Image
"Less disturbance to Antonine road and drain as barrack block goes further south."

Posted Image
"Last room in north south sequence"

Lastly, as a teaser to what Badger is describing for Week 5, here is the next focus of the dig: just to the west of the barrack in the series above lies a cobbled N-S alley. To the west of it, two more 3rd-4th C barracks, with underlying material too. The picture below is about from the main east-west road within the fort, looking north.

Posted Image

As before, Terry & Pauline have made the original, hi-resolution photos available at their Canon Photo Gallery, link here.
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