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Dere st road trip; side trip from the wall
Topic Started: May 23 2012, 04:16 PM (540 Views)
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Having had a day out whilst rained off looking at High Rochester fort on Dere st I thought I'd take a look at three forts further south.
Photo 1 & 2 Binchester, Terrys other digging home, great bath house,
Photo 3 the Saxon church at Escomb across the valley contains a large amount of stone from Binchester
photo 4 an upside down stone set in the north wall badly worn but just visible is a VI, the LEG now faint
photo 5 said to be a reconstructed arch from the fort over the nave.
photo 5 top right in the wall a reused alter in the north wall,raised circle
photo 5 Lanchester fort heading north, standing until the 18th cent then robbed out, sad

Also visited Edchester but the fort is under the village, sadly the church holding some inscribed stones is now locked.
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The Dere Street pilgrimage is one of my must-do's. So many forts up & down, and I love the idea of the outpost forts beyond the Wall. Seem like such lonely places, even today.
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I am putting this under Dere Street road trip for reasons that mostly amuse me!


Interesting stuff from Binchester, a site with many similarities to Vindolanda....

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