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I found more interesting news today. :)

By patching week 1 rom with only the base patch, using time cheats to leave the first room, and running two sessions of AST (one without indoors, and one normal), I made it to the same room with stairs. And here is the results:

This stair bug appears to be present in the original dump. Even without any indoors, this bug still happens (lower left). Deactivating BG2 shows everything right (upper right).

Unfortunately, second bug with pots and torches might not be related to this. Lower left image shows the bug, but after deactivating BG2, both floor and torches are invisible (lower right). @_@

Also, I have one question about the indoors. In every week except w1, rooms 113 and 114 (green house in Kakariko Village, former Blind's Hideout) uses ALttP palette, but in the original broadcast, this palette was different (kinda green). Why it was changed?
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