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Where'd that Princess go?
No, no you can't... and I can explain this one.

You have to keep in mind, when we made the editor and indoor patch, we did not have videos of the original broadcast. So naturally when we started filling out that room and found ourselves with green tables, we freaked out.
Given how messed up our dumps where (like you know, missing the indoor layouts for the entire game), we came to the simple conclusion that this had to be some weird glitch.
After all, the house is identical in every detail to the way it was in ALttP... why would it change all of its colors inbetween the events of the two games? So Euclid painstakingly figured out how to change the room's palette and coded this in the indoor patch himself.

So yeah, the editor won't let you change the palette of the room. The only way you could do that, would be redoing the entire indoor patch from scratch... and even then you'd end up missing some very real and necessary fixes that Euclid did (like the inverted ladders in week 4's mole cave), which would end up doing more harm than good.

Personally though, I think it's perfectly okay the way it is. I mean honestly, who has green wood tables? It probably IS just a bug that went undetected by the programmers (like the missing Magic Shield animation in the other BS Zelda).

Rather what annoyed me at the time was that we couldn't restore the light coming in from the windows (as it did in ALttP) but that too wa clearly not in the original broadcast so meh (and come to think of it, wouldn't make much sense for light to pour in while there's a storm outside. Unless in those times it only shined brifly as if cast by thunders which would be pretty sweet, but that's not gonna happen).
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