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New BS Zelda Map 2 Episode 3 ROM dump
Topic Started: Nov 17 2017, 11:45 PM (246 Views)
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The overly enthused BS-X nerd.
Hey guys, I know it's been AEONS since I last posted, so hopefully this is big enough to be considered worth posting about.

Over at no-intro, skaman sent me the 8M pack dumps of sanmaiwashi. One of them is DEFINITELY to your interest here;

Assuming all checks out, this is a pure 8M dump of BS Zelda Map 2, episode [strike]3[/strike].
(EDIT: I was told it was episode 3, but it appears to be episode 1 on closer inspection. Anything further here that would be episode 3-specific is now moot, but thankfully that isn't too much.)

I consider this a bit of a milestone considering we spent so long with an impure Map 2 ROM.
1) We finally have a 8M Pack ROM dump of one of each BS Zelda broadcast.
2) With this, we can possibly un-do the "impurities" of the previous dump and properly restore the original dump state.
3) I did a quick check using cheats - Besides the expected blue manhandla and blue gohma, the "extra polish" Map 2 has is in this ROM, so it's safe to assume it was there from the start and not just added for episode 4, which gives credence to the possibility that the previous ROM is indeed episode 1, something which I recall some ROM scenes internally debating.
4) It is possible to use the complete "pure" template to:
a: Quickly make the other Map 2 episode's ROMs (As in, ones that would be similar to what was actually downloaded to a 8M)
b: Make a theoretical "Polished Map 1" broadcast by putting the Map 1 data in Map 2 and doing similar

Of course, this is mostly just ideas. For the time being, the pure ROM in and of itself is great to have. I hope you guys take the time to check it out! It will be worth comparing/contrasting to previous dumps, although considering I was able to use the exact Map 1 cheats like previously this should be a very similar ROM to those.

EDIT: I did a hex compare using Fhred.

1) 0xc670=50800 to 0xc673=50803 (4 bytes)
2) 0xc675=50805 to 0xc678=50808 (4 bytes)
3) 0xc67b=50811 to 0xc67d=50813 (3 bytes)
4) 0xc67f=50815 to 0xc67f=50815 (1 bytes)
5) 0xffd5=65493 to 0xffd8=65496 (4 bytes)
6) 0xfffc=65532 to 0xfffd=65533 (2 bytes)
7) 0x40055=262229 to 0x4005a=262234 (6 bytes)
8) 0x5bfd3=376787 to 0x5bfd4=376788 (2 bytes)
9) 0xc0b01=789249 to 0xc0b02=789250 (2 bytes)
10) 0xc0b06=789254 to 0xc0b07=789255 (2 bytes)
11) 0xc0b1c=789276 to 0xc0b1d=789277 (2 bytes)
12) 0xc0b3d=789309 to 0xc0b3e=789310 (2 bytes)
13) 0xc0b5e=789342 to 0xc0b5f=789343 (2 bytes)
14) 0xc0b79=789369 to 0xc0b7a=789370 (2 bytes)
15) 0xc0b80=789376 to 0xc0b81=789377 (2 bytes)
16) 0xc0bb5=789429 to 0xc0bb6=789430 (2 bytes)
17) 0xc0bc0=789440 to 0xc0bc1=789441 (2 bytes)
18) 0xc0bd6=789462 to 0xc0bd7=789463 (2 bytes)
19) 0xc0be6=789478 to 0xc0be7=789479 (2 bytes)
20) 0xc0bf6=789494 to 0xc0bf7=789495 (2 bytes)
21) 0xc0c06=789510 to 0xc0c07=789511 (2 bytes)
22) 0xc0c13=789523 to 0xc0c14=789524 (2 bytes)
23) 0xc0c22=789538 to 0xc0c23=789539 (2 bytes)
24) 0xc0c2e=789550 to 0xc0c2f=789551 (2 bytes)
25) 0xc0c35=789557 to 0xc0c36=789558 (2 bytes)
26) 0xc0c3d=789565 to 0xc0c3e=789566 (2 bytes)
27) 0xc0c47=789575 to 0xc0c48=789576 (2 bytes)
28) 0xc0c66=789606 to 0xc0c67=789607 (2 bytes)
29) 0xc0c70=789616 to 0xc0c71=789617 (2 bytes)
30) 0xc0c7b=789627 to 0xc0c7c=789628 (2 bytes)
31) 0xc0c8a=789642 to 0xc0c8b=789643 (2 bytes)
32) 0xc0c9d=789661 to 0xc0c9e=789662 (2 bytes)
33) 0xc0ca6=789670 to 0xc0ca7=789671 (2 bytes)
34) 0xc0cad=789677 to 0xc0cae=789678 (2 bytes)
35) 0xc0cb4=789684 to 0xc0cb5=789685 (2 bytes)
36) 0xc0cc1=789697 to 0xc0cc2=789698 (2 bytes)
37) 0xc0cd2=789714 to 0xc0cd3=789715 (2 bytes)
38) 0xc0ce6=789734 to 0xc0ce7=789735 (2 bytes)
39) 0xc0d04=789764 to 0xc0d05=789765 (2 bytes)
40) 0xc0d13=789779 to 0xc0d14=789780 (2 bytes)
41) 0xc0d1f=789791 to 0xc0d20=789792 (2 bytes)
42) 0xc0d27=789799 to 0xc0d28=789800 (2 bytes)
43) 0xc0d31=789809 to 0xc0d32=789810 (2 bytes)
44) 0xc0d3b=789819 to 0xc0d3c=789820 (2 bytes)
45) 0xc0d43=789827 to 0xc0d44=789828 (2 bytes)
46) 0xc0d50=789840 to 0xc0d51=789841 (2 bytes)
47) 0xc0d5f=789855 to 0xc0d60=789856 (2 bytes)
48) 0xc0d70=789872 to 0xc0d71=789873 (2 bytes)
49) 0xc0d81=789889 to 0xc0d82=789890 (2 bytes)
50) 0xc0d95=789909 to 0xc0d96=789910 (2 bytes)
51) 0xc0db3=789939 to 0xc0db4=789940 (2 bytes)
52) 0xc0dc2=789954 to 0xc0dc3=789955 (2 bytes)
53) 0xc0dce=789966 to 0xc0dcf=789967 (2 bytes)
54) 0xc0dd6=789974 to 0xc0dd7=789975 (2 bytes)
55) 0xc0de0=789984 to 0xc0de1=789985 (2 bytes)
56) 0xc0dea=789994 to 0xc0deb=789995 (2 bytes)
57) 0xc0df2=790002 to 0xc0df3=790003 (2 bytes)
58) 0xc0dff=790015 to 0xc0e00=790016 (2 bytes)
59) 0xc0e0e=790030 to 0xc0e0f=790031 (2 bytes)
60) 0xc0e1f=790047 to 0xc0e20=790048 (2 bytes)
61) 0xc0e28=790056 to 0xc0e29=790057 (2 bytes)
62) 0xc0e31=790065 to 0xc0e32=790066 (2 bytes)
63) 0xc0e56=790102 to 0xc0e57=790103 (2 bytes)
64) 0xc0e70=790128 to 0xc0e71=790129 (2 bytes)
65) 0xc0eb8=790200 to 0xc0eb9=790201 (2 bytes)
66) 0xc0ec6=790214 to 0xc0ec7=790215 (2 bytes)
67) 0xc0ed4=790228 to 0xc0ed5=790229 (2 bytes)
68) 0xc0ee6=790246 to 0xc0ee7=790247 (2 bytes)
69) 0xc0eea=790250 to 0xc0eeb=790251 (2 bytes)
70) 0xc0ef5=790261 to 0xc0ef6=790262 (2 bytes)
71) 0xc0ef9=790265 to 0xc0efa=790266 (2 bytes)
72) 0xc0f07=790279 to 0xc0f08=790280 (2 bytes)
73) 0xc0f1c=790300 to 0xc0f1d=790301 (2 bytes)
74) 0xc0f34=790324 to 0xc0f35=790325 (2 bytes)
75) 0xc0f4a=790346 to 0xc0f4b=790347 (2 bytes)
76) 0xc0f55=790357 to 0xc0f56=790358 (2 bytes)
77) 0xc0f6b=790379 to 0xc0f6c=790380 (2 bytes)
78) 0xc0f7b=790395 to 0xc0f7c=790396 (2 bytes)
79) 0xc0f8b=790411 to 0xc0f8c=790412 (2 bytes)
80) 0xc0f9b=790427 to 0xc0f9c=790428 (2 bytes)
81) 0xc0fa8=790440 to 0xc0fa9=790441 (2 bytes)
82) 0xc0fb7=790455 to 0xc0fb8=790456 (2 bytes)
83) 0xc0fc3=790467 to 0xc0fc4=790468 (2 bytes)
84) 0xc0fcb=790475 to 0xc0fcb=790475 (1 bytes)
85) 0xc0fd2=790482 to 0xc0fd3=790483 (2 bytes)
86) 0xc0fdd=790493 to 0xc0fdd=790493 (1 bytes)
87) 0xc0fe4=790500 to 0xc0fe5=790501 (2 bytes)
88) 0xc0fee=790510 to 0xc0fef=790511 (2 bytes)
89) 0xc0ff9=790521 to 0xc0ffa=790522 (2 bytes)
90) 0xc1008=790536 to 0xc1009=790537 (2 bytes)
91) 0xc2df4=798196 to 0xc2df5=798197 (2 bytes)
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We call it life
Hi Kiddo, was a while. Before I say anything else, I am finished with hacking bszelda.

I also do not like to diminish your enthusiasm about the rom, but making a hex comparison with the swc we offer at the page, I checked every address:

Posted Image
upload pictures

Most addresses of our "impure rom" simply rewrites bs-x bios registers so that the emulator is able to boot is, like LDA $115808 -> LDA $701808. Your rom crashes on normal emulators, as these bs-x registers (bank $11) are not remapped to bank $70 (sram register).

Other changes:
a9 12 8f f9ff 7f a9 07 8f ff ff 7f... changes the timer to 18:07 so that the game doesn't freeze immediately.

Then I found a small change in the ingame header
guess this implements a srm.

It is the very same rom (map2, weekX) as we provide! except that our version is "impurified" to boot on emulator

Posted Image
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The overly enthused BS-X nerd.
Thanks for explaining what the changes to the ROM were.

Also, don't worry, my enthusiasm is as a ROM preservationist. The impure ROM just wouldn't do. I understand you may not feel this is that big a deal, but proper archival of Satellaview data is critical.

And we've come a long way in emulating these, by the way.
I can run the pure, untampered ROM in LuigiBlood's snes9x-sx2 like this. It can also run on a sd2snes this way.

Maybe someday I can do the same with the Sekiban ROMs ... though the PSRAM work would be quite the feat.
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That's awesome news actually! This confirms the old impure dump we've been using is not corrupted and don't require fixes. Great find Kiddo and great investigation work Conn!

I think the best approach here is to distribute it as an alternate download, just like we did with the Map 1 SWC ROM, and credit the source.

Posted Image

The BIG List of Randomizers
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We call it life
Alright, I posted it:http://bszelda.zeldalegends.net/bs1m2files.shtml

section original rom

Posted Image
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Posted Image

The BIG List of Randomizers
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The overly enthused BS-X nerd.
Not really related but I thought I'd toss this in here in case of possible interest:
Posted Image

It's not a particularly great sprite edit but I thought you guys might be inspired by it. (inb4 Master Quest now has weapon endurance. *shiver!* )
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Duke Serkol
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Where'd that Princess go?
KiddoCabbusses,Nov 23 2017
10:46 PM
inb4 Master Quest now has weapon endurance. *shiver!*


The sprite is pretty cool ^_^
Posted Image
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This is awesome!

Reminds me, I should start working on translating BS Fire Emblem again...
Translating Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love-https://tingletranslation.blogspot.com
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